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    As the name describes, THE MOMENTO gives you an ability to take pictures and add notes to it. This app does not stop here. Along with its ability to add notes to an image, it automatically gets the location where you make a new Momento and points it
    on a map. THE MOMENTO has a beautiful work desk interface which displays your image in a photo frame taped to the desk and the title appears in a beautiful handwriting giving a real touch.

    Think this was not enough? THE MOMENTO comes with a beautiful fully functional voice recorder with a real time audio visualizer to store voice memos associated with the respective image.

    While viewing the the specific momento, you can zoom and pan the image as normal.

    Tapping on the notepad will bring you the details of that Momento. Tapping on old momento's on the desk takes you back.

    Tapping the camera gives you an option to change the image by clicking a new one from the camera or choosing from your image library.

    Tapping the map curls up the view to reveal map.

    Tapping the voice recorder brings the audio recorder. Tapping the power button in recorder takes you back.

    Ability to email the momento
    If you have any feedback, please email us at:







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