The more Fakes, the better!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ArtOfWarfare, May 1, 2008.

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    Nov 26, 2007
    I was just thinking about it... and I realized this, the more fakes of anything there are, the better.

    Take for example the iPhone. The more fakes that people show of them, the more rumors, the better. It gives a clearer picture of what the real thing will be like as you get more and more rumors with overlapping ideas.

    I'm not really sure why. Is it the people making the fakes following the same line of thought as the people making the reals did? Is it that maybe the fakes actually know something about the real? Or is the real possibly basing themselves off of the fakes when they realize it's something people really want?

    I just felt like talking about it.

    Not really confident that I put this topic in the right category.

    Not sure if other people know what I mean... not really caring if they know what I mean either.
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    I think the reason the fakes overlap is because the rumor mill is a game of telephone. I heard from a guy who works for a distributor who sometimes uses a chinese manufacturer that the next factory over from them is making the 3G iphone enclosure, and it looks like X. By the time the information reaches the bloggers, tech pundits, etc, it's probably been through 3 or 4 layers. So like a game of telephone, a few key truths remain mixed in with a whole lot of mixed up information.

    Sometimes they are just flat out hoaxes, but I think a lot of the rumors are in good faith, just questionable sources.

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