The most bizarre activity ever in CS5...HELP!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by iMark Nano, May 6, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    We yesterday have just upgraded all our Macs from CS4 Design Standard to CS5 Design Standard. We were running smoothly all afternoon but now we've encountered really strange faults now we have turned our machines on this morning. I'll try to list the issues below, all these things have happened to both our Macs independently.

    • The 'Rasterize Layer' option disappeared yesterday when you CTRL click on a layer...but now this morning it's there!

    • All our keyboard shortcuts and menu preferences have been deleted from the onces we set yesterday. They are now back to their default.

    • When we press 'DELETE' on a layer, yesterday it gave us options of fill with foreground colour, content aware etc. But now, it just knocks the layer out and doesn't give us any options at all!!

    • Plus more little occurrences...

    Has this got to to with out Apple XSERVE server do you think or is the problem local to each machine? We're running CS5 on Mac Pro's running Mac OS 10.5.8. How strange, can anyone help this is causing us major problems!

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    There are sporadic reports of weirdness that you describe on the Adobe forums. One that is fresh on my mind: a filter renders different previews than when it is applied.

    I personally had to wipe and reinstall CS5 because the initial upgrade just hosed the system.

    The consensus on the Adobe forums seems to be to remove previous CS installs before CS5.

    Sorry for no actual help, but hope the shoulder to cry on helps.
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