The Multi-Tasking battle continues

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by celticpride678, Feb 17, 2010.

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    The hardest bit of multi tasking seems to me to be the implementation. At the moment hitting the home button to quit is so simple. If they allow multi task how will they distinguish between switching apps and quitting apps.

    A dialogue box? Seems messy to have to answer a question every time.

    Hold Home to quit, tap to switch? Might work but they already use hold for voice control.

    I reckon Apple will implement as soon as they have a clue how to do it well. Microsoft had the opportunity to introduce a button or an interface feature so they could get ahead of Apple on this one.
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    i dont think they need 2 years to think about the solution to the question you posed. Palm Pre already solve that in the most elegant fashion, even if apple and MS can't copy it, its not difficult to find an alternative way.
    Although I wholeheartedly support multitasking, the design philosophy of wp7s is opposite to the approach of "apps", it designed to blur the boundary among different "apps", and offers approach of "tasks" or "hubs" instead.

    So, when number of apps become less important, the call for multitasking will also be less.

    But i can hardly imagine this last for too long, people nowadays wants unlimited devices. The design of wp7s maybe extremely edgy and fun, but its design is also a limited device, its function will have to go beyond what it shows so far, in which case, both number of apps and multitasking will need to be implemented.
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    WebOS does handle multitasking very well in part because it has global, as well as app specific, gestures. For those that haven't used a WebOS phone before the black area at the bottom of the phone is a touch sensitive area as well and is used for things like closing apps, switching between apps and launching the dock/task bar (can't remember what exactly Palm called it).


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