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    I've had a search of the forum and haven't found an answers to this ( tbh, haven't found any satisfactory answers anywhere.... ); does anyone know how do I get the forced subs on The Mummy ( and possibly the other two movies )? I'm ripping with AnyDVD HD and then encoding with the latest Handbrake. I've tried selecting forced subs on the various titles, but it still doesn't appear to work. Any one any ideas?
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    OK, I've figured out the subtitles for the other two ( The Mummy Returns are just the usual forced, the third movie's are are a separate track, not forced ), it's just the first I can't crack. Any ideas?
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    I don't have a copy of "The Mummy" on Blu-ray yet, so all I can give you is general advice.

    The more recent versions of Handbrake have a "search for foreign audio subtitles" feature. It works well on MKVs, but I'm not sure how it will work on an AnyDVD HD rip, since I only use MakeMKV for Blu-rays.

    If that doesn't work, you might have to find and download a sub file (srt) that has only the forced subtitles and add it through Handbrake before the encode. Sometimes the timing of those files doesn't line up quite right with the video, so you might have to set an offset (in Handbrake) and re-encode if it doesn't line up the first time. It's not an ideal solution, but it works in a pinch.
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    If you have patience, given you are using AnyDVD in Windows, consider looking into ClownBD which is free. Here is what its about - it is a collection of free software that lets you do what you are trying to do among other things - find the forced sub. It has a very simple graphical front end. Make sure to down load the entire group of software needed from the site.

    If you set it up correctly, you will run your AnyDVD backup with this software and it will take you through some steps. I'll try to roughly mention the steps so it sort of makes sense.
    1) set up ClownBD so it has a temp space to work (important) and your options including one for forced subs.
    2) once set up, open it up and select your backup from AnyDVD. It will scan the backup and give you what it believes are the movie options (only time it wont work is with some nasty branched discs). Select the movie option you want.
    3) It will go through a process and create a breakdown (all in graphic form so easy to use) of the streams including the subtitle streams. Select the video stream you want, the audio stream, and then all the English subs.
    4) let it process your selection and put the results in your temp area.
    5) after it has created all the "parts" (streams) as separate files, it will merge the final choices back together. This is where you will see a new file within that temp area with a title of something like "forced English sub."
    6) cancel the last step once that file is generated.

    From here you can simply use TSmuxer (which is part of ClownBD) to merge all the pieces back together.

    It really is easier than it sounds but the nice part is its extremely flexible and has left me with exactly the archive file i want -> Video, HD audio stream, forced sub ONLY. In your case probably only the audio stream might be a different choice than mine.

    You might find ClownBD mentioned at the AnyDVD forums and elsewhere like Doom9 etc. The alternative is to invest in something like MakeMKV which is a pretty nifty application that you can get for Windows or Mac. (I have the Mac version which I use from time to time as well.)

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    Might find this interesting and useful
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    Guys, appreciate the replies. The spreadsheet was damn useful. It appears I've a US copy, which possibly explains why I can't find the subtitles in a stream even when viewing the source via VLC. Looks like I'll have to fire up my Win7 VM and ClownBD.....

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