The needed information to extend your wireless network with an AirPort Express

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    At my home I'm not getting the WiFi range I wanted with my Fritz!Box 7390. (one of the best wireless routers at the time I purchased it)
    Now I've bought an AirPort Express, to extend that range of the existing WiFi network.
    This isn't as simple as I thought though.
    I have now created a second WiFi network while the AirPort is connected to the wall with an ethernet cable. The WiFi works perfectly fine, it's just that I don't like the fact that I have now two networks.
    Which information/settings is needed to get it right and extend my network?

    Thank you and god bless


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    Airport Expresses can only wirelessly extend another the network of another Airport device. It cannot wirelessly extend the network of a third party wireless router. What you want to set up is a roaming network. Here is how to do it using two Airport devices:
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    Since this is a roaming network (over Ethernet) you simply have to change the settings for the wireless on the Express to be exactly the same as the first router.

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