The new iMac the first branch off iPhone


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Jul 28, 2007
The first thing I noticed the apple has released glass displays on both the iPhone and the iMac. This means the displays will most likely be updated soon to an optical glass and black. The second aspect of the new iMac is the use of black which branches off the iPhone this could mean a new style for apple. The iMac branching off the iPhone shows that apple is using parts of the iPhone for other products which points to touch displays and a new touch mouse.


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Oct 8, 2002
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Don't forget the new touch cables, new scratch and sniff Apple stickers, and new touch OS media. Just because they like the look of the iPhone and are incorporating that style into their computers doesn't mean they are incorporating the iPhone technology into everything else.


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Jul 25, 2005
yes. the iPhone led the design changes and they will show up in other apple products. just as the iPod led the design when it was first released. all the iMac G5 ads showed it mated with a docked iPod - even the screen was angled the same as the docked iPod.
i'm 99% certain the next iPods will look a lot like the iPhone.


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Aug 12, 2007
no. because iMac is not touch screen.
too sad.
I can't see a touch display being of any use vs a mouse unless it is in a public space or something (airport terminal ticket machine etc.)

This obsession with touch screen computers is mad ... as a mobile device sure but as a desktop device not unless the UI changes much more dramatically than leopard.

I'm pretty certain that the new ipod will be out at the Paris show and ready for the christmas buying season ... apple will not miss that trick they want iphones and ipods to be on all our christmas lists.

We will see the UK and possibly germany and france get the iphone, then European itunes will get some TV and movie content.

The very last thing this year will be leopard then freeze in Oct and let the cash come in till 2008.

After that who knows . . .


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Sep 24, 2006
I can see touch display with really good use if you implement them in some diferent kind of computer. For exemple an AppleTv kind of thing interacting with your tv screen.

Or for example in Audio Editing/mixing <- in this case mouse sucks...