The new iPod snuffle!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mm718, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Apple introduces the new iPod shuffle, adequately renamed the "iPod snuffle"

    By making it even smaller than its already tiny predecessor, Apple manufactured a truly unique product. The new iPod snuffle is now so small that you don't have to carry it anymore - you can easily shove it up your nose! Even better: the headphones, emerging directly from your nose, now become a truly extravagant piece of jewelry right in your face, available in two magnificent colors: black and white.
    Handling the new iPod snuffle is now also easier than ever before. Equipped with the motion sensors from the other Apple iPods, it can now be controlled by the very movements of your head! Just shake your head to shuffle through the songs, tip it to the right for the next song on your playlist or to the left for the previous track. Simply nod your head to scroll through the albums and jump slightly for pause or select. Also, the volume is now easily adjusted by breathing: take in a heavy breath through your nose to increase the volume, breath out gently to lower it. Beautifully designed and aggressively priced, the new iPod snuffle seems to be destined for great success.

    edit: as we just heard from early adopters, the new iPod snuffle regrettably inherited some problems from the iPod touch: where the iPod touch was reported to have a freezing issue, the new iPod snuffle seems to have a sneezing issue. Apple is said to be already working on a software update to fix this problem.
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    a boat
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    What a waste of a thread. But you're free to your opinion

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