The New Macbooks vs. The Previous Generation


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Nov 30, 2006
My curious nature lead me to answer this question. Since the new macbooks can hold up to 4GB of memory, can the old ones do the same if you were to install the memory yourself. If not is it the new graphics card that makes the macbook possible to go up to 4GB?

Oh and can you remove the macbook graphics card and replace it with the new one? Not even thinking about doing it myself but if you want to future proof your machine this seems like the more logical solution!


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May 4, 2007
The old ones do not support 4 gigabytes of ram. It does however support 3 gb of ram. The new ones are the santa rosa chipset which can utilize up to 4 gigabytes of memory. So while you could physically put 4 gb into an old macbook, it would not address or use all of the memory.

Always buy and install ram yourself. It's much cheaper.
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