The new powerbook - a question : ) !!!

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    Aug 15, 2005
    As I was gathering a bit of information from other threads, I saw that a number of members to this forum had generally agreed that "the new chip" on the new 12" powerbook is likely to get an increase from 150Mhz. to 200 Mhz. A fact that would give the new 12" powerbook a new chip of 1.65 or 1.7 Ghz.

    In your opinion, with the new chip, how much faster (a 30%,40%,etc.) will the new powerbook be, compared to the new 14" ibook that it is now on the market, (supposing both have the same RAM, etc.).

    P.S. It is likely that my choice of a new laptop computer be the 14" ibook with superdrive. Howevever the 12" powerbook also seems very attractive to me due to its smaller size.

    Thank you very much for your comments and opinions,

    ignacio molina
  2. Bob_Barker macrumors regular

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    If you are talking about system bus with the 150MHZ to 200MHZ, then I think any change is unlikely. Part of this impetus for the intel switch it the slow-moving development of freescale's processors and the lack of a mobile G5. I think the 12" PowerBook will outperform the 14" PowerBook, mostly due to the greater amount of video RAM. Also, DVI may come in handy, and the size it so much better. And considering the screens are the same resolution, you aren't really benefiting from the larger screen unless your eyes are bad. If you need a SuperDrive, I would opt for the PowerBook. If not, skip the 14" and just get the 12" iBook.
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    If you want the 14" iBook, but the 12" PB is attractive to you because it's smaller, then why not get a 12" iBook? :confused:

    Anyway, "front side bus" (FSB) is at 167 MHz in the Powerbook, and it probably won't increase beyond that despite Freescale (the part of Motorola who make the G4 for Apple at the moment) claiming new bus speeds of 200 MHz coming soon, I believe. We're switching to Intel quite soon, so if the new Freescale logic board/"motherboard" is in any way different in shape or size to the current logic board, it isn't worth it for Apple to redesign the innards just to give us a "new" PowerBook update.
  4. Euan macrumors regular

    Sep 1, 2005
    Do you wish to use an additional montior?

    Certainly if I get a 12" laptop I will get a 20" monitor which leads me to a powerbook and not ibook.

    I know I could use a hack and the ibook with allow and external monitor but i'm not interested in doing that.

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