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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gri, Oct 26, 2010.

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    As it says right upfront on the Apple page: The new MBA - the next generation of MB. So, does this mean they will drop the current MB in favor of the MBA as entry model? And will the next MBP be in a similar form factor without optical drive but with Flash and hopefully backlit keyboard so that we can get at last the MBA many of us actually wanted...? Any thoughts?
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    I've been wondering about this also. In my theory, I look at this new MBA as a kind of "reset" for the future MacBook lineup. They repositioned the Air at around entry-level prices and in doing so repurposed the meaning of the designation "Air": It now means basically MacBook "light" as in less powerful, cheaper etc.

    The next MacBook Pros when they come will earn the "Pro" designation simply by having the features so many people believe to be missing on this new Air (more up-to-date ix processors, IPS screen, more RAM standard, Backlit keys, sleep indicator... and the list goes on) and will likely adopt the Air's form-factor with no optical drive, USB software recovery key etc.
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    That's kind of how I interpreted it. It didn't just say the "new generation of Macbook AIRS"... it just said "Macbooks". I have a feeling this will essentially replace the low end because the pricepoints match the current macbooks for sale at $999.
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