The next iMac will have a 4K display?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by maxira, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Sharp is announcing a 32-inch 4K monitor today that uses its LGZO LCD tech expected to hit the Japanese market in February 2013. The roughly $5,500 PN-K321 monitor sports a 3,840-by-2,160 resolution and HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. According to Sharp, it will also be the thinnest monitor frame on the market at just 35mm. Even if analysts were wrong about a full-fledged TV set from Apple next year, these new Sharp displays would certainly make a pretty Thunderbolt display.

    Sharp will put its IGZO displays in the hands of consumers in the near future, as it recently announced its first 7-inch tablet to take advantage of the technology’s low-power consumption features. Apple decided to not go with Sharps’ IGZO displays for its latest round of iPad launches. It instead sourced display components from AU Optronics, LG Display, and Samsung, but several reports in the past indicated Apple is interested in the technology. Apple was even recently rumored to be potentially making an investment in the failing company—much like Apple partner Foxconn previously agreed to.

    Sharp will hit full production on at least its 7-inch IGZO tablets later this year, which means there is a possibility we could see the tech make its way to a next-generation iPad.
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    Won't matter if no mobile GPUs are capable of supporting such high resolution fluidly. I also highly doubt Nvidia or AMD will develop one next year and believe it will come in 2014 instead. They need to reduce the nanometer size for greater performance and efficiency, as well as improve TDP. In addition, based on that article and the suggested prices on the TVs, I don't think there will be a high demand for an iMac that would cost $6k+, $4k just for retina display (If that's how much it is to produce one).

    On a side note, we at least can expect Apple TVs releasing next year.
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    Its not just Gpu,which are a lot for sure,
    but also the input lag display.
    For example this year i started to think to buy a 42-47 1080 HDTV..
    well its not easy..because their input lags are very high..the lowest i found
    is the Panasonic Et5 with 16-32 ms (they say 1 frames lost is after 16 ms).
    Don't know 27 imacs how much lag in terms of input.
    I would like to see a 47 Apple HDTV...but i suppose it would be really expensive.
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    Monitor of choice for Mac Pro 2013?

    Given the state of technology this may be the type of display Apple might be recommending for top of the line Mac Pro 2013. In other words top of the line Thunderbolt display for 2013.
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    Are you people serious? Switching to a 4K display will send the price through the roof.

    Regardless of the fact that you need a power station to power the things. It would go against everything Apple have done to the iMac. It would end up looking like an old 17" CRT if had the correct GPU to power that sort of display.
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    2013 Version - No
    2014 Version - No
    2015 Version - In all likeliness, No
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