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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by KrispyKreme, Mar 10, 2010.

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    What do you think is the Next Level that Jobs is talking about? I mean seeing Apple's penchant for out of the box thinking, I'm guessing it's not just the addition of faster processors or ports. My hope is that since we're kinda not changing form factors or screen sizes/resolutions, that Apple's next-level MBP is just a replacement logic board for existing MBPs. That way, Apple takes recycling to a whole new level. I'd definitely pay at least 50% of a new MBP for a logic board upgrade for my existing MBP, wouldn't you? I don't know, what else would be Next-Level stuff?
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    Jun 12, 2009
    I posted a thread on this, and this is what I think would be a next level upgrade. I highlighted the most innovative option.

    "Apple recently claimed their next update will take the Macs to the next level.

    What is your dream update that would bring the MBPs to the next level? For me, it would be Apple releasing their premium $2000 laptops with the cutting edge hardware that even $800 Windows laptops are offering.

    This includes...

    The Intel i5/i7 Processor

    A Significantly Higher Resolution Screen (I would like to see the higher end 15" MBPs with both a Blu Ray Drive and 1920×1200 Resolution, Even if OSX has to be upgraded to render bigger text and icons at that resolution)

    The ATI 5830 or 5850 GPU (Or any current gen (DirectX 11) mobile GPU with either GDDR5 Memory or a 256-bit Memory Bus. If this isn't feasible, an ATI 5830 at Minimum. All the Nvidia GPUs are two generations behind. The ATI 58XX series are the only half way decent laptop GPUs on the market.)

    Updated Display Port With Audio Output Support and/or HDMI port

    The improved battery tech Apple recently developed (Already used in the 17 inch MBP?)

    An improved HD resolution iSight Video Camera with Bigger Better Light Sensors

    An Optional Matte Screen for those who want it

    An Optional multitouch possibly detachable or flip screen

    A HDTV Tuner & PVR Functionality so everywhere you take your Macbook, you would also have a HDTV that picks up HD signals off the air.

    Oleophobic coating on the screen or maybe even the whole laptop

    A Premium Carbon Fiber Unibody Case Option (Significantly Lighter, and if used as it is in sports equipment, damn near indestructable.)

    Either 120GB SSD Drives or the recent 750GB 7200 RPM Laptop HDDs

    USB 3.0 & If Possible with Light Peak

    Blu Ray

    But here is the upgrade that would be a dream come true and be a knock out killing blow to all other competing laptops...

    Originally Posted by Jack B
    I posted earlier about apple putting a small ssd into the next mbp's in addition to a normal hdd. I don't mean a literal 1.8" or 2.5" ssd. I just looked up how much an 8 GB NAND memory IC costs. Bought in a reel of 1000, it costs a grand total of $10. Integrated into the spot where the old north bridge used to be, apple could not only have switchable graphics but also hybrid drives on each of its systems. By shutting down the harddrive and using the flash module for most activities could result in vastly faster performance and longer battery life. Put the OS on there and you could be enjoying what, 10 hours of battery life and (instantanous) boot times. I could wait another month for that. "

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    I imagine it would have to be something that improves the usability of the machines. But since Apple has their competition totally beaten in that department already, it's hard to think how they could do even better.

    Since there is no new OSX version due for quite a while it would have to be something that can be done with existing software. OSX is not ready for touchscreen use so I think those are out.
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    Already used on all but the MacBook Air actually.

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