The only reason I'd consider purchasing MobileMe...

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    Is so I can have emails instantly appear on my iPhone when I receive them, rather than fetching every 15 minutes or so. I currently use Gmail, which doesn't support this. How reliable is pushing email to phone with MobileMe? I don't keep a calendar and all my contacts can stay in my phone, so no need to push those. Also are there any free email clients that have the ability to do this? I heard Yahoo can, but haven't really looked into that. Does that really work? I don't wanna pay $100 just for this. I wish Apple offered different types of accounts with MobileMe, so people like myself didn't have to pay for stuff (iDisc, Web Gallery, etc.) that we'll never use.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. philamac macrumors regular

    Jul 11, 2008
    Push email to iPhone is working incredibly well, there IS a bug where if you delete an email off your iPhone, instead of moving the email to the trash folder in mobileme, it seemingly copies it to the trash and leaves a copy in your inbox. Annoying yes, but some people report their delete function is working properly, maybe you'll get lucky. Another bug: on the iPhone (and everywhere else actually), there is no way to use your MobileMe aliases, defeating the whole purpose of creating aliases. I really hope that gets fixed in time.

    If I may ask, what is preventing you from using the other MM features like iDisk, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery? I mean, do you ever use those little USB memory sticks? If you have internet access, you can use iDisk like a giant USB memory stick.

    I guess if you're on the fence about MobileMe, you should give the free trial a shot. Actually maybe wait a couple weeks for Apple to fix up some of the bugs and THEN try the trial. I wouldn't recommend YAHOO for anyone who deems getting their emails in a timely manner 'important' to them, it's horrendously unreliable (but it is FREE!).
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    That's what I'm's very slow through Finder though...

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