The Perfect iPhone Slogan!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Avatar74, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Feb 5, 2007
    Back when the Mac was being developed, Steve Jobs was absolutely adamant that they must be able to display rectangles with rounded corners... "Round rectangles are everywhere," he would say... pointing them out to his design staff in other industrial designs... desks, monitors, etc.

    Now, thirty years after Apple's birth, and 22 years after Macintosh, take a damned good look at that iPhone... It's the swiss army knife of round rectangles!

    So, now with the onslaught of iPhone pervading the media, our lives, etc. and popping up all over the place... Apple's new ad campaign for the iPhone should feature the slogan:

    "Round rectangles are everywhere!"


    P.S. Ok, I know that was entirely geeky and totally lame. But if you're a Mac geek you've gotta love it for its obscurity.

    Hey, my alternative was making t-shirts that say, "Drinking the Kool Aid for 30 years and loving it."
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    See sig below or in case that changes:

    "My iPhone is smarter than your honor roll student"
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    Jun 16, 2007
  4. Avatar74 thread starter macrumors 65816


    Feb 5, 2007
    LOL... Awesome.

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