iPad Pro The perfect size is two iPad minis side by side.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dingclancy23, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Nov 15, 2015
    Having seen it, it seems bulky when you want to do tablet things with it. On the other hand, the screen size allows for two iPad Air Apps in portrait which is great for work/productivity.

    I feel that the perfect size is if you are able to put two iPad mini apps in portrait side by side, or basically 2x iPad mini. This will solve the bulk issue, while having the screen still big enough for side by side use. It will end up just slightly bigger than iPad Air, and with a sharper Retina display, legibility should not be an issue.

    Apple must have thought about this already? What are your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. AceFernalld, Nov 17, 2015
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    Mar 3, 2008
    This means you're looking for roughly 11.2" on the diagonal to get twice the area of the Mini. That doesn't have enough variation from the 9.7" in the Air. 12.9" is perfect for the Pro model, IMO.

    For everybody's reference:
    If the Pro has 100% screen real estate, the Air has 57% and the Mini has 38%.
  3. Mcdevidr macrumors 6502a

    Nov 27, 2013
    The pro is fine for tablet uses. The immersive screen makes everything else feel small. Sure it's not an air but the compromises are worth it for me. I find I don't hold it as much or I prop it up on my leg. The use case is great to go from using it like a laptop, to in my lap reading an article for school.

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