The power of a small mac mini


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Sep 6, 2009
For those that are looking to buy a more powerful computer, just wanted to share my experience with this tiny mac mini and how powerful it is. To use hardware video acceleration I'm using Win 7 x64 with the latest nvidia drivers and flash 10.1.

Hulu HD ~ 30% cpu utilization (Legend of the seeker)
Youtube HD 1080p ~ 30% cpu util (sample)
AVC / MKV / MPEG4 720p content: <10% cpu util (using the free mpc-hc x64)

The hardware acceleration of the onboard 9400 nvidia is amazing. I also have a radeon 5850 on my gaming rig and get similar results with hardware acceleration (ofcourse cod mw2 will be a different story).

Also office 2010 beta is buttery smooth. Starts up in less than 2 seconds. Note I'm using an intel gen 2 ssd with 4gb ram on the mac mini mid 2009 model.

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