The Pro and the ATV4 share a similar theme

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Scarpad, Nov 11, 2015.

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    It's apple updating their products but not taking it all the way. In the case of the latest ATV4, it's a nice update with a faster processor, new interface and voice control. But with all the time apple had to bring together a new UI, the UI of the ATV is almost the same of the ATV 3. The UI especially in the computer, and Purchased video areas needed a massive update and facelift, here it's mostly the same, showing almost zero effort.

    The pro is the beginning of what Apple wants to make you believe is a whole new device. But why is this device stuck with the same old UI ? One that doesn't take advantage of the increased real estate of that massive screen ? Sure it can multitask, but those rows of Gigantic Icons and folders look almost comical blown up to the size of the device. THey look fine on my Mini, even on my Air, but the Pro needed something to set it apart from the other devices. And its mostly here I feel apple fumbled the ball. I hope both devices get revisits from apple to rethink the dated UI
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    I agree with the part that there's a similar theme, but I think its something different.

    I think the theme is they're both foundation devices. Before they can start really pushing the envelope in terms of TV and a more productive tablet (for lack of a better word), I think they needed to set a solid foundation to build on first. From what I've seen, I think they've accomplished that.

    The ATV has solid hardware and an interesting remote, but more importantly it's got the underpinnings to be a platform to build and iterate on. Likewise the Pro has hardware to carry it into the future, along with acknowledgement that precision input devices, i.e. the pencil and more support for keyboards, are needed to drive the platform forward.

    I think what's going to be the real tell is what things look like in a year when version 2 of their software is out. If Apple is really committed to pushing things forward, then there should be more exciting, user-facing things. If not though, that's when I'd start to worry about how committed they are to anything that isn't the iPhone.

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