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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by coochiekuta, Nov 21, 2010.

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    i read somewhere that the pro line was meant for the pro-sumer. i have no idea what that means but i THINK it has something to do with wanting the best or top performance you can get for work and play.

    apples pro line has some interesting caps. first off, they dont use any quad core setups. 2nd, they underclock their video cards and dont offer up much choice in regards to graphic acceleration.

    apple has pieced together a decent machine with the 15"/17" for its power to battery life ratio however the pro-sumer cares not for battery life! he knows better than to expect that 4 cores will be kind to his battery. powerful chips need just that, power! he knows a machine capable of running crysis isnt running it for long without a cable plugged into a wall.

    he knows these things and he accepts them. for him the laptop is not a laptop. it is a portable desktop. a desktop replacement.

    whats my point? my point is apple could afford to be more pro. yes some guys want 30 min battery life but top notch parts/performance. you may not understand the want and you may not understand those guys but those guys do not wish to be understood.

    the solution? wider BTO options. who knows. maybe the market isnt big enough but thats why its called BTO.
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    Apple doesn't give a **** about those people--there aren't enough of them, and they are driven enough to make their own solutions.
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    of course theres not that many of them. theres also not many willing to drop 5k on a mac pro but they do offer interesting BTO options for that.

    bottomline, power users who demand desktop caliber performance in their laptop must pay a premium without question, but until apple opens their doors to certain options, more of those users will never find reason to want to come in.
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    Find enough people that want that for apple to make a good profit and they will do it. Point is, when people want a notebook, they want a computer they can use on the go, typically "pro users" use desktops, because they don't need to move and they need the extra power that simply isn't available in a notebook. People who buy high end performance laptops are typically college students who like gaming. Apple doesn't see a profit in this, so they don't do it. Plus it would require a pretty big redesign to incorporate quads in there due to the extra heat.
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    Professionals do not use their laptop to play crysis on maxed on settings. They use it to complete tasks for their job while on the go. Spend 8 hours total flying and transferring flights in one day, battery life becomes a lot more important than a quad core. Doesn't matter if you can open an excel work sheet a little faster when you don't have any battery life left.

    The most demanding tasks a real professional will ask of their laptop, in a professional setting, is photo or video editing. And if they are doing that as a living, they likely have a desktop at the office they use, and the MBP is something to enable them to make best use of time spent traveling.

    If you really want a professional grade laptop that can game, then you are missing the entire point of it being made for professionals.
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    I agree. Can you imagine how hot they would get??? :eek::eek: They can already almost roast your legs. There is no way they could stay the same design as they are now. There is a reason the gaming laptops with quad core and 460 gtx gpus are huge. That heat has to go somewhere.

    If thats what you want go for windows :p Thats what they are good for. Windows 7 isn't bad. I am sure you will be fine.
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    If they are truly Pro users and do Pro things for a living, they would drop 5k on a Mac Pro, and they would use that desktop for most of their Pro work. I mean, if its your job, your going to be able to do it at home :)
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    more than a few manufacturers make hi powered workstations. while i havent been to every airport in the world, most of them has had a place to plug in at. even so, every hotel ive been to has had power. if you could take your desktop with you, would you? some people would, others obviously would not.

    hp makes a portable workstation called the elitebook 8540w. it gives you about an hour of play time, if you like playing or 5.5 hrs of spreadsheet viewing time. obviously there is some market there.

    the point isnt you have better options out there, nor is it what others do/can do. again the user asks not for you to understand his wants but dont dismiss them as ridiculous because you dont want the same. let the individual decide what is best for him. :D
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    Apple focuses on consumers now, the "professional" market seems to be more of an addition now, compared to the situation in the 90s, where media and science professions were Apple's biggest costumers.

    Give Apple feedback via and if enough peopler use this, maybe you'll see your "mobile" oven. The current generation does still work as professional machine and gets work done though and it is a god compromise between mobility (the 17" MBP is quite mobile), battery life and power. If you want more than that to get more frames per second (even outside of games), you have to look for something else.

    Btw, HP's page for that Elitebook is dreadful, it will be the same for all the other machines if I remember correctly.

    Apple stands for simplicity, thus less choice, therefore more BTO options are against their philosophy. FFS, compare Apple's website to Sony's or Dell's or HP's and see what I mean.

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