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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chagla, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Pretty amazing that they were able to slip this one into the app store :eek:

    I found their website pretty interesting ( since it talks about the ongoing mineral war slavery of children, foxconn suicides, and tremendous waste produced by consumers always buying the newest smartphone.

    I guess they are either trying to get the game resubmitted without the child violence (good luck) or going to release a jailbroken version. The Android version of it is already available too it seems.

    Never really thought about the bad stuff that goes into making an iPhone before so I'm glad to be informed and have this brought to my attention. I might not be able to change the world by myself but I can at least be more aware of the full picture...

    Edit: Looks like 100% the proceeds are going as donations against corporate abuses

    "70% of the app store revenues go to the developers. We, molleindustria, pledge to redirect this money to the organizations that are fighting corporate abuses. In addition, we ask festivals and art institutions that are interested in exhibiting the game to contribute to the cause instead of paying artist fees.

    Soon we'll start to document the donations. The first recipient will be SACOM Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, a group that have been strenuously working on the Foxconn case."
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    i think nearly everyone that make phones are involved in these kind of activities. so sad. apple/htc/samsung/moto all share the blame.
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    Part of it is Apples fault in the Foxconn events, but also the Chinese Government for not enforcing its own laws. Apple should aid in good employee treatment in the legal documents as to prevent things like this from happening. But Countries like China do need to start setting good standards for business. No more poverty-like conditions for their workers and minimum wage laws must be enforced.

    By doing this U.S business will also improve as corporations out-sourcing to other countries will no longer be able to take advantage of the cheap prices and resort to bringing business back to the United States.
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    What?? I don't understand. :confused:

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    Hmmm I applaud what these people are doing but I wonder if they didn't expect their app would be rejected on purpose to get more publicity. I mean the rules about child violence and apps that collect donations being free were there.
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    Sure, I get that. The irony is that Apple is seen vigorously defending the rights of a virtual child in a game.

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