The rMBP has changed my life :-)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by renosausage, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Sep 22, 2012
    I've have my 15" rMBP for about 6 months now and I never expected it become such a precious gadget to me.

    I bought this Macbook during my first semester in Nursing School. I had an iPad 3, but it wasn't capable of reading certain eText that I needed for class.

    I decided to sell my iPad 3 and by the new 15" rMBP. I did'nt have much money and the price really took a huge chunk out of my savings.

    I decided to buy it anyway despite the price and as soon as I received my Macbook I started downloading all the necessary books and resources I needed for class.

    By the end of my first semester I stopped bringing my book sack all together. I instead took notes, read books, and studied all from my rMBP.

    Study sessions were so awesome because I could easily plug the HDMI cable from the Projector systems in my schools classrooms and instantly read and study my notes from a huge screen.

    It also made presenting presentation such a breeze. While everyone else struggled to get their Powerpoints right, I just simply plugged into the HDMI cable and booted Keynote from my iPhone. My presentation looked professional and interesting to the audience. This best part is that it only took me a few minutes using Keynote to create such beautiful presentations.

    My experience with the rMBP gets much better than this. After study sessions, notes, reading, and several hours on Diablo 3, I decided to download Final Cut Pro and give it try. I had a Canon DSLR that I took pictures with every once in a while, but I never really got into learning how to take good pictures.

    I signed for a Photoshop and Final Cut Pro class at school and before I knew it I was creating projects I never knew I could do. After creating few videos I got a call from one of my Nursing Professors who wanted me to document some conferences in the next few weeks.

    I created the documentary using both Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. The Nursing department loved it and decided to give me my own office where I could help support Awareness projects through digital media.

    I even got a job with two Weddings and became the official photographer for my college.

    All of this was completed on my rMBP and I absolutely love this machine. I've made much more money than what the Macbook is worth and it has made Nursing School a lot easier to get through.

    Apple has done such a good job with this Macbook. It is light, powerful, and the Retina is the most amazing screen I've ever seen.

    I felt like sharing this story with all those who love Apple products :):apple:
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    Feb 15, 2011
    Awesome, I love it as well. I'm getting one as soon as it is refreshed this year.

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