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    Aug 26, 2010
    Last November, I received notification from Apple that there was a safety issue with my iPod Nano. They sent me a prepaid envelop to send them the device back and promised to send me a replacement with the issue fixed. I followed the instructions. I totally forgot about it until today when I received an email that the repair order was being cancelled. I called them to ask them what gives. After being on hold a half hour, they told me that they never received the device back. They went on to tell me that I should track the item with UPS. When I told them that since they paid for the shipping, they owned that responsibility and that the transaction was between Apple and UPS. They asked me to escalate to the next level. I proceeded to spend an other hour on the phone with them. They came back shortly after saying it is my problem and not theirs. I was very clear with them that the device was working fine, and I did not have a need to send it back to them and was complying with their request using their process.

    They went on to imply that I was not being truthful with them. I suggested that I had much better things to do than talk with them. The conversation deteriorated. When I asked to speak with the supervisors manager, they tried to tell me that they were the highest level and there was no other place to escalate. They told me they would give me the corporate address to write a letter to take this further if I desired. They finally put me on hold, as I am write this entry, presumably to decide if they can or will escalate this further. They just came back and went through the same again. They refused to acknowledge that the transaction was between Apple and UPS.

    Disappointment is an understatement. I know Apple has grown on the back of the loyal customers, but it is clear that they have gotten too big and does not care about their customers. :mad::mad:

    Update 1:
    Apple called me back and are reconsidering their position. They will give me the result mid next week. I will post when I get that information.

    Update 2:
    Resolution was satisfactory. Apple did the right thing, and I am satisfied with their resolution.
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    Feb 24, 2012
    I sympathize with your problem, but it is not a good idea to generalize on all of Apple because of your bad experience.

    Seven months is a lot of time to let pass before following up. That in itself could be the major problem here.

    What generation nano? I don't remember seeing anything about a nano safety recall. Did the folks you talked with at Apple deny the safety recall or just that they did not receive your nano?

    Not sure I agree with your position that the issue is between UPS and Apple. From my perspective you were the shipper, Apple merely paid the freight. Did you contact UPS to get verification of delivery from them or did you just decide it was Apple's problem and leave it at that? Do you even have a tracking number to go by?

    Not trying to be argumentative, but suggesting another viewpoint on the issue and other avenues of possible resolution.

    Where do things stand now?
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    I empathize. I was treated like a thief when my iPad charging cord came apart within a couple weeks. I spent $900 on an iPad only to rip them off for a $20 charging cord.

    Around the same time, my kindle needed a replacement. I was treated wonderfully by Amazon. They sent me a replacement $190 kindle without charging my card and before I sent the old one back. Compare that to Apple who was rude to me, tried to accuse me of misuse, then insisted on charging my credit card. It took weeks and 2 calls to get the refund. :rolleyes:


    You know what they say, one bad apple...
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    They did acknowledge the recall program. I do not recall what Gen the device was. The reason I did not want to go to UPS is that there was no data associated with the tracing number so I know there was no possible resolution with UPS. I also did not want to spend hours on the phone with them only to come to a result that was not not satisfying. I also believe that Apple would have more influence with UPS than I would.

    I posted an update above. Apple called me back and they are now reconsidering their position. I will get the results next week.
  5. LaWally macrumors 6502a

    Feb 24, 2012
    Hope you get a positive result.

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