The rumored 4g battery is the same size as the orginal 2g battery.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by doubleatheman, Apr 20, 2010.

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    We all think Apple has crammed a larger battery into the phone than ever before, but the original iPhone which is thinner than the 3gs, and it had a larger battery.

    From Wikipedia:

    Original: 3.7 V 1400 mAh
    3G: 3.7 V 1150 mAh
    3GS: 3.7 V 1219 mAh[5]

    And taking Gizmodos numbers... the new battery is 5.25w/hr, which = 1418ma

    Same size as the original iPhone.

    Yet the newest rumored phone has so much else crammed into it and it's thinner yet. So I'm Impressed still. But we don't have any kind of magical battery technologies going on here.

    Assuming Apple was able to get so much more battery life out of the 3g/3gs than the 2g, and the 3g/3gs battery was quite a bit smaller is exciting.

    Think the 4g is optimized on new more efficient chips, and it has a larger battery.

    Apple says the 3gs lasts 5 hours with 3g talk/web, I think we could easily see that go to 7hr on the new phone. :)
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  3. SAD*FACED*CLOWN macrumors 65816


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    the original iPhone is NOT thiner than a 3G/3G S...The 3G and 3G S' are just curved in such a way that they seem as thick as the OG
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    I'm hoping for 10 hours. I'd like to be able to use it on the way to and from work (about 4 hours on mass trans) and during lunch and not have to worry my battery is going to go dead.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    Actually, the 3G/3GS are a tiny bit thicker in the middle of the device. The tapered edges give it the illusion that it's thinner though.

    3GS Depth: 12.3 mm
    2G Depth: 11.6 mm

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