The rumoured new iPhone, Revolution or Evolution?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LixLev, May 28, 2009.

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    I recently wrote a blog about my feelings about the next iPhone, but instead of simply discussing the rumours about what it may have in it, I decided to take a different approach and discuss what its impact will be in relation to the mobile phone market compared to the previous two generations of iPhone.

    I have checked the forum rules and it states that we mustn't advertise websites, and although I am not 100% sure if this means personal blogs or not, I am not going to offend anyone by simply linking the blog. Instead I will copy the content into this thread for discussion. There are links in my sig if you want to read more from me, but this thread is simply for this article. Anyway, here it is, feel free to discuss...

    With the rumour that a new iPhone is due to be announced on the 8th of June at Apple's annual WWDC, it begs the question of whether the new device will be an Evolution or a Revolution.

    The iPhone can be broken down into two parts, the hardware and the software and it is the marriage of these two components that dictates the quality of the device.

    When Apple first brought out the iPhone it was the hardware that was the talking point. This was Apple's first venture into the world of mobile telephones, and they wanted to do it right, afterall, their first attempt at creating an mp3 player didn't turn out badly at all. Whilst the software was great on the first iPhone, and the hardware lacked the ability to access data over a 3G network, the slickness of the device and the its amazing touch screen interface really made the mobile phone companies take notice.

    HTC, although already creating touchscreen phones, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericcson, Nokia and even RIM, the creators of the popular Blackberry device, a device that is notoriously popular for its full QWERTY keyboard, all took notice and began to follow suit. Therefore, the original iPhone was a Revolution.

    July 11th 2008 saw release two major iPhone upgrades. The first being the iPhone OS 2.0 software, which allowed users to access the App Store and allowed them to download 3rd party applications, and the second being a new device with GPS and allowing users to access their network providers 3G data speeds. Apple also lowered the prices of these devices which ultimately led to them not only achieving, but surpassing their goal of 10 million iPhone sales by the end of 2008.

    This ability to have games, utilities, social networking and other types of Apps at your finger tips through the App Store was seen by many as a great idea. Afterall, Apple has always said that the iPhone is more than just a phone. Other companies saw the success of the App Store, which has now sold more than 1 billion apps, and decided to try it themselves. There was the Google Android Marketplace, the Blackberry App Store and Nokia's Ovi Store that were created, and because of this, the second iPhone and iPhone software was another Revolution.

    But what about the rumoured next iPhone? Well the software has already been previewed, although this software was previewed with the premise of it being an upgrade to put on current handsets, and although it looks amazing, it ultimately gives the users what should have been put on the iPhone originally. The inclusion of MMS, SMS forwarding, Stereo Bluetooth, Spotlight Search and the ability to buy Turn by Turn navigators from the App Store, really should have been in one of the previous two releases.

    Looking at the hardware aswell, it is hard to see what can change if Apple want to keep a similar shape, size and design. A faster processor maybe? or a better camera? a front facing camera? larger memory? All of this could be included, but would any of them be enough to make some people upgrade. The inclusion of 3G and GPS was seen as massive when the iPhone 3G was released and shops were swamped with customers trying to buy the device, but what could Apple include this time round to cause the same hysteria? Therefore for me, the next iPhone will be more of an Evolution than a revolution.

    What could be revolutionary in the next iPhone is Apple's push notification service, which if it works (remember it was promised last September), could be seen by other manufacturers the same way that Apple sees it, as a way of preserving battery life by removing background processes, whilst at the same time allowing users to be notified and alerted in real time when for example they receive a new IM, or when a new news story breaks.

    If there is a new iPhone, I have no doubt that it will not only be amazing, and that I will upgrade, but that it will fill the missing pieces of the puzzle that the previous iPhones have been unable (or unwilling) to do. However, I feel that because Apple set the bar for itself so high originally and have already both succeeded and surpassed what they set out to do, all further updates will be more Evolutionary than Revolutionary.​
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    I believe about 1-2 months ago, we had this exact same "evolution vs revolution" conversation. I would search it and post this thread, but I'm on my iPhone.
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    It is only an evolution. The revolution happened with the release of the first phone.

    The 3.0 software update will be the big thing for all iphone users. Other then better camera, more memory, faster processor and maybe better screen I don't see anything hardware wise that is earth shattering where you will have as may people upgrading like their was last year. It was way more compelling last year to get 3G and GPS then it will be for the bump in memory and a somewhat better crappy camera phone.

    Plus all you 3G people are in the middle of your 2yr contract and won't get the upgrade price since you got the phone subsidized already.
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    Meh..some here are way to hyped over the iphone... Repeat after me.."There is more to life than the iphone..."
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    :eek::eek::eek::eek: BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!
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    what he said

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