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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RedCroissant, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I didn't know where else to post this, so here we go.

    I was recently in my local Best Buy and noticed that Samsung has their own section now and it looks REALLY nice. Their machines look nice and the whole set up is impressive. What I found interesting though(even though some would consider this to be a very minor issue) is that not one of their laptops opened easily when I was using just one hand. Trying to do that always made their laptops open weird and I had to use my other hand to stabilize the machine to finish opening it(like I said; very minor to some people). And yes I did try that test with every one of the laptops in that showroom.

    Apple laptops on the other hand in my experience open very easily with just one hand which leads me to believe that it was designed better simply from that perspective. I say this as a former MBP owner and a current iBook( times 2) owner. Both my 14" and 12" iBooks open easily with one hand. I even went over to the Apple section in BB to see if those laptops could easily be opened with one hand and all of them did, from the: MBA to the standard MBP to the rMBP.

    This is a really long post about what many people probably consider to be a non-issue, but I think it makes Apple's products that much more appealing. Ok, I'm done now.
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    I think that it's well-known that Apple tests extensively for "human user interface experience" in their products, moreso than their competitors. This is much more than Apple products simply "looking good" or having tasteful design. It also means things like ergonomics. The way you hold a product. The way the product feels naturally to human touch, or to human hands. And how comfortable or how natural the product feels when used. Really, this has never been a big secret that Apple tests these factors extensively.

    Does this mean that Apple gets it right 100% of the time? Hell no. Once in a while, they epic fail when it comes to product "human interface experience", the prime example being their current Magic Mouse. The consensus is that its design leaves much to be desired, especially when there are dozens of competing mouse brands that are better, feel better, and priced more affordably.

    The Apple keyboards are pretty solid, IMHO. Among the best in its class. I do wish they would finally make a wireless EXTENDED (num-pad) keyboard.

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