the shelf? os x or a quicksilver thing?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by SooTyLaD, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. SooTyLaD macrumors member

    Nov 22, 2007
    hi guys... i was watching a quicksilver tutorial on how to use some of the more advanced features, and there was a lot of talk about how quicksilver can interract with a feature called the "shelf"...

    here is the vid:

    is this shelf a standard feature cuz i cant find anything about it and it looks really useful... i'm not using quicksilver anymore so i hope its not a built-into-quicksilver feature...

    anyone know?
  2. SooTyLaD thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 22, 2007
    still really curious about this guys and i haven't been able to find anything about it on google :(

    is it a really hidden feature or something?
  3. schmoogol macrumors newbie

    Mar 11, 2005
    New Zealand
    As far as I'm aware the shelf is a part of quicksilver used to store specific bits of information you often need and is not a standard feature of OS X. The clipboard, on the other hand, is a part of OS X used to temporarily store copied information.

    Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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