iPad Pro The Smart Keyboard sucks


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Oct 1, 2016
Sorry for the rant, but this thing seriously sucks. I paid $130 for the ASK when I bought my 9.7“ iPad Pro and its one of the least reliable products I’ve ever bought. I treat my iPad very carefully, but I have to keep getting the ASK replaced because this keyboard falls apart within 3 months. The glue disintegrates at the seams and the edges of it look like hell. The latest issue is I keep getting the “This accessory is not supported” pop-up on my iPad when the ASK is attached. Thankfully I can get it replaced for free, but only if I go to the Apple store, and the last time I went there they said they might stop stocking them.

Initially I defended this keyboard because I really liked it in the first month of owning it—clicky keys, good form factor—but the reliability is just awful. Has the quality improved at all on the ones they sell with the new iPads?


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Jul 12, 2009
With the departure of Jony Ive, I expect we'll see more function over form from Apple.

(Sorry, I can't speak to the reliability - I've played with them in-store and then promptly went to Best Buy and bought a Logitech K380* for $30 instead. The typing experience was horrible).

* Which can pair to three bluetooth devices. And doesn't sit on the iPad when not in use.
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