The state of Blu-Ray Support for 10.8 in 2013?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by neoelectronaut, Apr 29, 2013.

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    So here's a question. What's the state of Blu-Ray support these days for 10.8?

    My 27" iMac is my biggest "HD" display in the house (The only one, really, as the only other non-CRT TV in the house is a 19" Samsung I use for my Xbox 360.) and I've recently been thinking of watching some high-def movies on it.

    While I'm weighing the options of going with iTunes, Amazon Video, or something else, I'm wondering how Blu-Ray support is coming along.

    I know Apple still doesn't officially support it, so I'd have to get some sort of software to watch or rip Blu-Rays on my iMac.

    How does that work these days? Is it just a matter of plugging in an external drive and acquiring Blu-Ray player software or do I need to jump through a few more hoops and rip the disc first?

    If I need to rip the disc first, I'll need to factor in the cost of an extra external drive, as my "nonsense" external hard drive is on its last legs (judging by the range of sounds its making anyway).
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    you would use something like mkv to rip the blue rays after you purchase a blueray drive. this is free during beta and you will have to install a new version every 30 days since it expires. you can also purchase a license for it if you dont like reinstalling every 30 days. ripping to mkv doesnt take long but results in a very large file (22gb) abouts. you can then play the mkv through vlc or you can use handbrake to encode into a smaller file.

    if you just want to watch blue rays and are cheap there is an extension for vlc that works with a few blueray formats but not all.

    if you want to play bluerays with no hassle just buy a blueray player and this software.

    its cheap and plays all bluerays.

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