The TCO factor: MicroStrategy to deploy 1,800 Apple iPads; lower TCO vs. laptops

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    MicroStrategy to deploy 1,800 Apple iPads; citing wildly lower total cost-of-ownership vs. laptops

    "MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software maker, has deployed 1,100 Apple iPads to executives and sales personnel to conduct critical job-related tasks. The company said it expects 700 more iPads to be deployed soon," Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld.

    "MicroStrategy said it is using some applications that can run on both the iPad and the iPhone, while others are designed to fully take advantage of the larger 9.7-inch iPad touch screen," Hamblen reports. "For example, some of the latter applications help sales personnel easily show off videos or live demonstrations to customers during face-to-face meetings, said Mark LaRow, senior vice president of products... 'Apple is breaking the mold for mobile computing,' LaRow said."

    Hamblen reports, "LaRow said its total cost-of-ownership should prove far more prudent with the iPad than with laptop computers. In fact, LaRow said the company compared the TCO of iPads and laptops and the result was 'wildly in favor of iPad.'"

    "While MicroStrategy didn't intentionally choose iPads to be devices that workers would use in their personal lives, LaRow said the company has found 'when everybody brings the iPads home, the kids grab them' for access to games, videos and more," Hamblen reports. "In essence, workers 'like to use it ... it's more engaging,' he concluded."


    This is interesting. The proliferation of the iPad in the enterprise because it's cheaper and more "engaging" to use. Enjoyment of business tech as an aid to productivity? Sacrilege!
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    Many companies are moving away from laptops and trying to use smartphones or embedded OS slates. This migration has been going on for almost a decade, albeit slowly until now.

    For execs or salesmen who don't write much, but who need to read or present info that others create, a display-oriented device like the iPad is okay.

    Especially if you add in the "I like using it" factor. (My dev group has found the same factor going from heavy laptops to smartphones.)

    Not sure how they figured the iPad TCO to be far less than a laptop, but I bet they're calculating in all sorts of IT support for the latter.
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    Don't you have to Jailbreak to use a mouse?

    I'm surprised they are allowing this on a device used "to conduct critical job-related tasks".
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    I'm interested in how this will pan out. Laptops have higher level of utility, then the iPad. While it has a coolness factor, how useful will it turn out to be as a laptop replacement?
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    I'd love for this to be a success to be quite honest. I don't like touchscreen myself, but the thought of businesses using iPads I think is great. They are great devices and I'd love to see them in schools as well.

    Let's hope Apple treats this device (and the entire iDevice range) right, which is more than I can say they have been doing for OS X at the moment.
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    It takes far far longer to do anything of real productive value on an iPad. Total cost of 'ownership' might be lower.

    Total cost of getting the damn job done, much MUCH higher.
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    Seems they'll be getting it done "differently." More than one way to skin a cat.
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    Yes, showing videos was always impossible on a notebook computer.

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