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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ilovemymac7, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Dec 25, 2008
    hey all i have the new 13inch 2.4ghz aluminum macbook and i was looking up ways to "pimp" my macbook i changed many of my icons and its looking sick. i then found this thing called terminal. i searched on google how to use it and i couldnt really come across anything to helpful.
    i know that you simply copy and paste codes, but what if after a couple days i dont look what i did or so? can someone provide me with a quick guide to using terminal? and is there any other cool things i can to/with my mac?
    thanks soo much in advance!
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    Mac OS X is UNIX-based, and Terminal gives command-line access to the UNIX core. If you want to learn to use Terminal, look for books on UNIX or using Linux from the command line.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    As above, its command line driven and not the easiest of things. Its also very easy to screw up your system by running commands that you can 'copy and paste' in without really knowing what your doing (I am not accusing you of this)

    Also, be aware that there are different versions of the terminal. I believe Mac uses the bash verision but might be wrong

    This is a good place to start
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    Jul 14, 2008
  5. VPrime macrumors 68000


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    Think of the terminal as the command prompt in Windows.... Except with a lot more power.
    You really dont need to mess with it. Sure they are a few nice commands that help change the way OSX looks and feels, but there are safe ways to do these kind of things.
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    Well it's good you're looking into terminal, it's very important to be familiar with Unix if you are going into the field.

    Terminal is a command line interface (CLI) to execute more complicated operations.
    Like most operating systems Mac OS X is based on Unix, ( More specifically BSD, a newer version of Unix)
    Read some introductions to Unix and BSD, Then read some Unix or more specifically BSD Terminal tutorials

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