The Thanksgiving Thread 2009


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Aug 14, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Okay, call it cheesey if you want to, but it's Thanksgiving week and this is the typical question of the holiday. So, tell us what you are thankful for this year?


I'm thankful for my family and that we are doing well in this economy. It's been a year of big changes with the birth of our second child in January and my wife becoming a stay at home mom in April (not by choice). We've been able to make it work and it's actually turned out to be a huge blessing. I'm thankful that something we thought was going to be a big negative turned out to be a positive. She and the kids are much happier and we have grown closer. :)

Unspoken Demise

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Apr 16, 2009
Im thankful for my beautiful, caring, girlfriend, who has stuck by me through very tough times over the last 16 months.
Im thankful for my kitty that brings silly joy to our house every day.
Im thankful for a roof over my head, that I am fortunate to be able to afford at 19.
Im thankful for a steady job and a wonderful family, even though money is VERY tight right now.
And im thankful for Modern Warfare 2, even though my out of warranty Xbox just red-ringed. :mad:


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Dec 4, 2005
I'm thankful for my amazing family, my best friends, having such an awesome job in this economy and to be able to afford not having to live at home with my parents. BTW, I love my parents but I love my independence a tad bit more.


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Aug 17, 2007
I am thankful for my family. My daughter is home from college. This year my family is doing something we have never done before. We are going to a football game on Thanksgiving. We have tickets to the Broncos/Giants game. Can't wait!:D


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Oct 23, 2009
I am thankful for:
>being able to use a wide screen TV as a computer monitor (great for streaming movies/YouTube, Flickr, etc)
>black out curtains. They allow me to darken my apartment thereby allowing me to light up a room with candles on a warm, sunny day in the morning, afternoon, or anytime I wanta alter the mood in drastic fashion
>video games (shunned them for years - thought they were for the mindless, just got indoctrinated into them - great way to unwind - great when your body is flat on your back on the mend or in post-op mode...fantastic/amazing feat of engineering they are)
>the town i live in, San Diego
>being able to live in an urban environment/my neighborhood that's close to tattoo parlors, stores, the ocean, the boardwalk, city parks, bars, coffee shops, safe deposit boxes, all within walking distance
>remote access!
>the shotcallers at tech companies who are honest and virtuous and who decided to mold the best possible climate possible in order to help foster the relationship that develops when a customer calls to get a technical problem fixed. The shotcaller created that climate by making the decision to provide their tech support team with one of the greatest tools known to man: remote access. RA is like a doctors stethescope, it'll cut a 40 minute troubleshooting session performed on the phone down to 10 or 15 minutes. Like video games and sex, RA is a big time stress reliever. The shotcaller knows that he'd rather have a tech use his eyeballs when diagnosing a customers problem as opposed to doing it blind without eyesight. I've used RA countless times and I've never had a negative incident. Aside from eliminating a multitude of headaches during a troubleshooting session, RA will flatten out the HUGE learning curve for a person who is daunted with the prospect of learning how to use a computer...many techs will take the time to show a n00b how to due basic OS stuff like copy and paste, create folders, etc. To the few shotcallers out there who won't let their techs operate without remote access: we thank you for making our life much easier, providing us with peace of mind, standing up to the profit-only minded penny pinchers within your company who fought hard against you when you were on a quest to provide remote access to your customer base (let it be said that any tech related company that does not provide their support techs with remote access is a company that's guilty of bad business practice)
>tech companies who outsource their work to the Filipinos in the Phillippines and shun the Indians in India. Most but not all Filipino techs speak perfect English, without a trace of an accent. Christ, they're surreal... they sound like they were born in Detroit. Most of them have ZERO accent. They're a pleasure to speak to. Most but not all Indian techs speak horrible English and are hard to communicate with. The ones that talk a mile a minute are the worst. I hate talking to them but we're forced to talk to them due to the big shots at Apple, Dell, HP, Mozy, Carbonite, etc, who make lousy decisions that an English speaking customer has to endure. They should award their contracts to the Filipinos, not the Indians
>my 2 favorite stores that are kind enough to offer ultra-user friendly return policies that are better than any other store out there: 90 days on computers & TV's/up till the day you die on all other items as long as you have the receipt including notoriously brittle products like the eggshell (a.k.a. an external hard drive), and products like computer speakers, battery chargers and anything else they sell in their store (sometimes they'll extend their 90 day policy on your behalf if you know how to work it, just too bad they don't sell batteries for laptops :)
>my local newspaper that's still hanging in there with a deathgrip and one that I have delivered to my doorstep every morning, the San Diego Union Tribune (a good number of newspapers including some that were 100 years old have gone out of business, wiped off the face of the earth in the last year thanks to websites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Autotrader, and Backpage)
>young women who love older men
>anything with 2 wheels
>coffee, the Pocket Rocket and the G-spot
>merchants who allow their customers to post reviews of the products they buy and the same merchants who DO NOT delete negative reviews of said product, WE APPLAUD YOU. Merchants like: amazon, newegg, walmart, adameve, edenfantasys, etc....we give you a standing ovation
>regular, everyday, average people who take the time to write a user review on a product they bought and then post it online for everyone to read
>sharp, SMART, everyday above average people who wait at least 30 days or more to thoroughly use a product before they write a review on a product they bought thereby eliminating the possibility of writing an inaccurate, knee-jerk, worthless review that they'll later come to regret (lots of those out there)
>good, thoughtful, sharp court judges who make good decisions - that's a certain trait/makeup/characteristic not obtainable from any law school, a trait that appears to be inherent - Judge Judy lacks this gift
>integral realms pertinent to pick up artists and the seduction community that relate to the always interesting science of psychology and sociology
>Consumer Reports Magazine/ product review organization that does not accept any money from advertisers
>chicken breast that goes on sale like clockwork every 3-4 weeks/year round for .99 cents a pound
>ice cream every night
>laws. Good laws. People friendly laws. San Diego's 'Just Cause' eviction law: a landlord must give just cause when evicting a tenant that has a tenure of 2 years or longer. Less than 2 years a tenant falls under the 'No Fault' clause meaning that a landlord can evict a tenant without stating a valid reason. 'Just cause' includes things like not paying the rent on time or committing a crime on the landlords property, and 3 or 4 other miscellaneous things
>free products available to everyone, products that work as good as money can buy: Avast anti-virus program, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,, A-Squared, CCleaner, etc
>the Internet. Sure there are some bad things about it. But there's a long list of good things, too. You can earn a living from it. Learn how to build a website or two and then learn how to drive traffic to them. And then you'll be on your way
>living close to the town of La Jolla. I can't afford to live there. Not yet. Not even sure if I'd wanta live there 'cause I like urban living and despise surburban living. But it is a beautiful destination that for me is accessible by bicycle and that's good enuff cause half the pleasure is getting there,_San_Diego,_California

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