The thinking behind 'The New Ipad' over HD or Ipad 3 name?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by gadget123, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I think it's a clever move the more you think about it. The rumours got most things right but the names HD, Ipad 3 branded about. They don't want to go with Ipad 3 and critics on tech sites say it's just another Ipad how long before Ipad 6. Ipad HD as some say on here is quite a boring term now as it's been around a few years.

    The low key introduction will allow it to get word around that it has retina, it's better, it's the new Ipad whilst not avoiding the chance to say it has the same case as Ipad 2 and so on.

    I think what it's done is add some class to it and making it simply the new Ipad. Will really cool rumours that went wild over no buttons and HD names.

    So over all I think Apple has pulled this one off well. It's still a third generation and it leaves it to everybody else to device is it a third, is it HD but I bet it took many by surprise it was launched as "New Ipad".
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    "The new iPad" is going to be "The old iPad" in a year or less. I think it's a silly name, but don't really care.
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    not really...think about it. Ever since its release, the MacBook has been the MacBook. iMac has been the iMac. iPod Nano has been iPod Nano, etc. The ONLY Apple product breaking this naming/generational scheme has been the iPhone/iPad. Getting back to that simpler naming scheme is a good idea.

    However, I think the place they'll hit problems will be the fact that they're still selling the iPad 2. There's some REALLY stupid consumers out there who just won't be able to get through their heads that iPad 2 is older than iPad

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