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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jmh0523, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Pre-ordering: AT&T

    Do not fear, as long as you pre-order sometime today you will have your iPhone June 24th at your front door via FedEx. (I believe even up to the 22nd you'll be ok) AT&T is just handling some of the orders, its still all in Apple boxes you will still contact apple if u have problems etc.

    The first come first serve not guaranteed to get it the 24th and this whole delivery question is just covering their rears. Your phone will overnight ship the day before or so! From previous experience ATT was great, I got mine at 1pm before a flight to visit family.

    If you managed to get a confirmation email and get through to ATT, you're solid. Call 611 they'll ask if its the mobile number you're using that you have a question about, you press 1 they say its been chosen to be upgraded and do you want to activate yadda yadda (no of course, but hey someone knows you're doing an iphone upgrade)..

    No email yet or no charge yet... I'm saying give em time you're probably good. I was stressing last year about stupid stuff like "in progress" "Back-ordered" yadda, no worries it will update. ATT is a little slower; its like tracking a package through usps.

    If you can't get in through APPLE do att they're fine they're not gunna ruin you haha. Just get to the page after "upgrade" save your number and password and just hammer away at the login until you get in!
    (don't order at the store btw unless you don't mind waiting or getting it later than the 24th, i like sitting on the couch and being hand delivered!)


    I haven't gone through them because they seem to give troubles initially (trying to contact crappy internal ATT) I've always heard good things about em you'll get your iphone the 24th too through them. same as above. I hear they give more info about tracking and such too so.

    I don't want to make this long just see duplicate questions. Here lets answer away.. I'd say do a search for your problem first. hell scroll through the first 5 pages you'll prob see it.

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    BUT ANOTHER ONE WAS JUST MADE! asking about will i get it on the 24th? ugh! lol

    >.> sry you're right!

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