The time has come my fellow Mac Pro Owners. Profit?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by -BigMac-, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Hi guys,
    Although there are multiple announcements expected on monday, us Mac Pro owners are focused on one thing. A possible Mac Pro upgrade?

    No doubt, palms will be sweating as Apple takes us through the new Mac line.. some with anxiousness and hope, some with hope of another kind. The possibility of the Mac Pro being cut is bad news for anyone on the market for the workstation, but it's good news for the current owners.

    Here are 2 reasons to be a little less worried during the keynote - if you have one:
    - You already have 'the next best thing' no matter what possibly comes out.
    - A few upgrades of the processor and GPU, and you're right up the top of the food chain once again.

    Now that you're a little more comfortable, let's talk about the possibility of a new Mac Pro not arriving.
    This means your monster of a workstation is the most expandable, most powerful, intelligent and capable computer Apple has ever released.

    This means the re-selling value will increase exponentially, especially if Apple discontinues the line in its stores.

    Imagine, they start getting so scarce, designers and huge companies will have no choice but to go with the Mac Pro, even if that means adding a bit to the price. An iMac can't possibly replace the expandability of a Mac Pro, ever.

    So here's to the Mac Pro, and the keynote. Either way fellow Mac Pro owners.. i think we have already won :D
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    The speculation in this forum never ceases to amaze me. :)

    According to this post... a new Mac Pro is assured...

    Which is a good thing, because if it wasn't, you might be right and make a huge windfall of profits as your Mac Pro becomes a highly coveted collectors item. However, while jumping up and down on the bed amidst your mass of new cash, you may suddenly come to tears when you realize that there's nothing you can replace it with. But then you might make so much selling your Mac Pro that you can retire and never need to do any creative professional work ever again. You can just buy an iPad and live happily ever after! :D :p

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