The Top 10 Games on iPhone - Sales & Statistics

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    The Top 10 Games on iPhone - Sales & Statistics

    A new reporting service focusing on the digital download market has released the first ever iPhone sales charts, along with other analysis on one of the most popular markets.

    Today, a new video game sales & tracking service, FADE LLC (Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment) has released their first publically available data for the iPhone market, with a top 10 list, and the claim that they offer a whole lot more.

    Up to this point, iPhone sales data has been sketchy at best. We’ve seen roughly a half dozen press releases from companies reaching sales milestones. But with over 65,000 applications available, just how well is the market doing? According to FADE, it’s doing quite well, as we would expect.

    According to FADE’s most recent report for the month ending July, 2009, we found the following key points:

    • The iPhone gaming market controls $250 million USD in revenue since its launch in July of 2008, making it larger than any console’s digital game service (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare/VC)
    • Of the 65,000 available applications, roughly 11,000 are games
    • Although the 99 cent price point has been well reported on by the gaming media, many games above the price point have done very well
    • The iPhone market is very top heavy (see chart #2) – FADE reports that between 10 and 15% of iPhone gaming titles take up 90% of revenue, making it critical for developers to take note of how the iPhone market works.

    What are the Top 10 titles on the iPhone for all time? The question can be answered 2 ways, according to FADE. Depending if revenue or units sold are the sorted metric, it can greatly impact the list according to our contact at FADE. For this release, they provided us with the top 10 games according to units sold.


    [Read the rest of the article at VGChartz]
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    How are we to trust these Units Sold figures?

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