The top upcoming games for the iPhone (video/ pics inside)!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Palm Pimp, Mar 15, 2011.

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    The top upcoming games for the iPhone (video/ pics inside)!

    It is really a great search you have doen for us.I have seen all the game videos and from my interest I like the below three games most.I have rank them on basis of my interest.
    1.Angry Birds Rio (boss battles)
    2.Car Jack Streets 2
    3.World of Midgard (WoW clone)
    Below is the list of some other upcoming iphone games:

    1. First Trailer for Upcoming 'War Pinball HD' from Gameprom
    2. GDC 2011: An Update from Retro Replay Studio DotEmu
    3. Take A Gander At Remedy's Upcoming 'Death Rally'
    4. GDC 2011: A Roundup of Titles from the EA Mobile Press Event
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    Apple should have an "Upcoming" section in the app store.
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    Death Rally looks pretty awesome !!

    I'm also looking forward to Angry Birds Rio (like a lot of you) and Bumpy Road which seems to use the touchscreen in a original way...

    The WoW remake looks nice, let's see how it ends up...I think the videos where from a dev build... :cool:

    The snowboarding game looks as boring as riding a flat mountain...a Cool Boarders-like game would be pretty cool on iOS though !

    Looks cool ! where can we find more infos on this game ?

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