The Truth About FireWire?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MowingDevil, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I've been giving this some thought...and yes its true FW hasn't caught on as Apple would have hoped...and there's alot of poor decisions that contributed to that as well...but I really think the #1 reason there is no port in the MacBook is because there would be no real reason to justify shelling out $700+ more for the MBP.

    Think about it, they're both in almost identical cases now...aside from the speakers...they use the exact same manufacturing process out of a brick of aluminum. They're both sturdy.

    They both have the same keyboards and both are backlit (with the exception of the lowend model). They both have the same trackpad. They both max out at 4gb of RAM. In terms of processing power the MBs are pretty much on par. Some of the new computing benchmarks prove this.

    The kicker is the MBs now have NVIDIA GPUs so they've never had such gaming power before.

    Now the MB consumer has everything he ever envied about the Pro machine. Decent graphics w/ more than enough power for the average Joe.....slick aluminum casing....same RAM & cpu gimmicky glass trackpad to show off with...same black bezel and glossy screen look (even if the LED screen isn't of the same quality) fact to the untrained eye they look like the EXACT SAME COMPUTER.

    How are you going to differentiate to a consumer? ...well the Pro machine has better speakers (although still not good quality) get the Express get a 2nd graphics chip (for those of you that one isn't enough)...oh ya and you get your FireWire! ...because we've taken it away from the MB which has always had it.

    So there you go, imo the MB was just too damn powerful for its own good and there really wasn't a need for most people to shell out for the uber-expensive Pro model. All those hobbyist/semi-pro video/audio/photo guys who avoided the Pro and went w/ the MB all these years are now put to a crossroads by Jobs. Either get on the Pro bandwagon/don't upgrade and stick w/ your old model/or go PC. Thats about it. I believe Apple is wagering that most will dig into their pockets & shell out for the Pro out of loyalty and frustration.

    It was never a case of not enough room...or too expensive to was a case of too expensive to have PRO users jumping ship and buying the sleek MacBook. THAT would have cost them money big time.

    I know a study that went down on concession prices at big commercial theaters where they did research on the MOST any reasonable person would pay for soda/popcorn before they decided not to buy. They had psychologists in on it and in the end when they found that number....THAT was what would be the small. Then they went up from there and priced the medium, large & jumbo. They even called the small "child" size so that you'd feel silly buying it as an adult. People got tricked into buying sizes WAY larger than they wanted only because they didn't want to get hosed since they were better deals than the smaller ones. This is whats going on here.

    If you want FW 400 you have to buy the plastic one. If you want aluminum then you have to pay more but are stuck w/o FW. If you want aluminum AND FW then you have to buy the MBP. If you want a Pro but not glossy you have to buy an external monitor (hopefully their 30" cinema display) or better yet a Mac Pro! Face it that new shiny MacBook was just too damn fine to allow FireWire to stay. Video users aside, musicians get hurt big time as do anyone who need Target Mode (that could be anyone).

    Face it, firewire is on the way out but not for the reasons most people may think.

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    I can kind of understand why they dropped it from the consumer model. I said kind of :D

    But as a current MBP user I am wondering if I should be worried for the future. Will they drop firewire in the next revision. I have been contemplating buying a Drobo with the firewire 800 interface. The drobo is about an $800 investment with 2 1-tb drives. So without any direction from Apple on where firewire is going I cant plunge down the $800 investment. In a year from now when I'm ready to upgrade my MBP I will still want to be able to use my Drobo at the firewire 800 speed.

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    Why not keep your current MBP w/ FW800 then? Unless you're idea is to sell that MBP when you upgrade, I don't understand why people won't keep their "old" stuff and put it to some use. There is simply no reason why you can't use that MBP and the Drobo for years. Apple is not going to suddenly make FW not work. If you have it now, use it (which is what I am doing).

    What I am bitter about is how Apple over the past few years has been catering to the PC crowd. They took out FW from the iPod because they wanted more PC users. This has led to Apple's own demise of it's creation. Hell, I remember I bought a 2-port FW card for my PC just to use my iPod back then. Look at the transfer times on the iPhone. If they would have kept FW it wouldn't take 10 minutes to transfer a movie.
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    Shame they couldn't have had both. Caters to the PC crowd & still allows people the option of better transfer rates AND keeps their own protocol progressing.
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    to Sjobs & co.

    Wrong wrong wrong, Apple!!! Open you mind a little. If you look at professional equipment, those still use miniDV tape and they still have FireWire on them.
    Yes, consumer devices as you pointed out have gone USB2 and they've dropped the tape, many have Blu-Ray too but you don't support that either!!

    Perhaps Apple should change their slogen to "Pay more for Less"? or "it's a f#cking rip!!" then "take the piss" would be equally as good.
    Then again, Windows isn't so bad at the end of the day.. at least they have Firewire on some of their laptops... though we could just bootleg your OS and build a hackintosh. :D
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    I currently own a 2.16ghz MacBook. Love it.

    Gonna go get a MBP later today.

    The Firewire made a huge difference not being included in the MB refreshfor myself because I leave an external HDD plugged into my current MB for Time Machine. It gives me the two USB ports to use for iPhone and my external USB wireless modem.
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    S*it. Just ordered new old generation 15" macbook pro on amazon. I know what flaws to expect and I will look for them. It has 2 fw ports and $555 savings are beauty too. Actually macmall has it even cheaper:

    but they didn't fixed rebate info- last day is 10/16 and you have to mail your rebate... So I am not risking.

    Also apple has refurbished too, even cheaper.

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