The Ultimate iPhone X Survey/Questionnaire.


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Oct 6, 2017
There are hundreds of threads asking individual questions, often asking the same questions as previous threads, so I figured we could put a bunch of them in one place. It is what it is.

  1. What is the first thing you plan to do when you get your iPhone X?
  2. Do you pronounce it /tɛn/ or /ɛks/?
  3. Which feature are you most excited about?
  4. Which feature are you least excited about?
  5. What phone/screen size are you coming from?
  6. How do you feel about the iPhone X screen size?
  7. Where will you unbox it?
  8. Pro-notch, anti-notch, or true neutral?
  9. When are you getting your phone?
  10. How and from where did you buy it?

1 Set up from iCloud backup, send an animoji to my cousin

2 ‘Ten’...most of the time

3 OLED/real-time full-face motion capture with 50 points of.....ok animojis.

4 Difficult. maybe control centre being at the top right

5 6s Plus

6 I think I’m fine with it. Case arrived today and the size is looking good.

7 At home, in my bedroom.

8 Neutral, leaning pro

9 9am pickup on the 3rd

10 Apple Pay (failed) then credit card (succeeded) through the app then later through the desktop site. Will see if I can change to iUP when I pick it up on Friday.