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    Ok I'll start off my saying, I have never in my life had as much fun as i have had in the past 24 hours. Well, ok maybe I have but this was pretty damn fun to say the least. Where else is there a forum that is active 24 hours a day on a single thread alone. From near heart attacks, to call after call, to flight and tracking updates non-stop, it was one crazy night as even myself got 2 hours of sleep during the night. As the day settles down and people start to focus on their own iPad, alot of thoughts and reviews start to come it. Well, here is another one of those reviews on the iPad, so let's go! :rolleyes:

    FIRST THOUGHTS: Nothing is better than when you open that brown box and see your iPad sitting there ready to be opening. The only thing that could possibly be better than that is actually open it, and i made sure i did that right away. When i first lifted the cover of the box and saw the iPad sitting there ready to be picked up, I was amazed by the size and cleek design right away. The iPad feels great in your hands, yes it takes a little time to get used to, but in no time you'll be handling it like it's nothing. I turned the iPad on and synced it to my iMac, not very hard to do and only takes a few minutes depending on your content. Well, the display is amazing, I seriously couldn't believe what I was seeing, It's so crisp and clear, the screen and app icons seemed....magical! :D

    REAL TESTING: Ok so even though it looked great, that means nothing if it does not work like i want it to. Well, I was not disappointed one bit. The first thing I did was go on the Safari app to really test this so called "best browsing experience." It really is the best browsing experience! After taking a minute connecting your device to wifi, you can browse whatever you want, whenever you want, really really fast. The browser seemed real, I really was holding the Web in my hands. I can scroll down about as fast as my iMac and it feels so right. But, Safari isn't the only app, so i had to move on and test all the other app's of course. :p The email app is flawless so faw, I love it. The photos app is great with crisp clear photo's, video's on the device look so great and run fast. Calander, notes, and contacts run similar to the iPhone but still feel just 10 times more advanced and professional. The app store, itunes store, and iPod on the device all have a iTunes like style to them and run AMAZING on the iPad, They could not be made better. I will also be posting some youtube video's of some additional apps that i download for the iPad

    BAD THINGS? Ok all devices like this have to have some flaws in the first generation of the product, and the iPad does, but how bad are they? Well, to my point of view, not bad at all. Ok the whole no flash thing kinda sucks, but i found myself needing flash only 2 times after about an hour and a half of browsing. There is no camera, but would you really want to use a camera on a big device like this? Ok, those are my kinda opinions about the two major problems, but any other flaws? I believe the iPad could be a little bit better when it comes to fingerprints. Could of included a calculator and stocks preloaded app, and even headphones. But hey, these are all features that can and will be fixed in the future, so I'm not worried.

    THE FUTURE: The iPad is the future of computing, and I can say that after about 7 hours of usage of this device. Apple nearly perfected the iPad in the first generation and I can't even imagine what will come in the generations of this device to come. I am also excited about the upcoming iPhone O.S upgrade and who knows what that will bring. The biggest thing is that I can see in 3 years, all the people that use and love ipod's will all have an ipad that they carry on the plane, or in the car, or at breakfast. The iPad is the future of apple and mobile technology. The bar has just been raised and I want to start seeing some "iPad killers" contend and get destroyed :D

    THE END: Overall the iPad is a device that only the tech crazy people should get at the moment, and the average consumer to get in about a year from now. But hey, I would recommend this over any netbook or low end laptop anyday. If your in love with surfing the web, watching movies, reading emails and books, and more, then the iPad is for you. It may not be Magical, but it's pretty damn close.

    Display: 9 of 10
    Sound: 8 of 10
    User Interface: 10 of 10
    Quality: 10 of 10
    Speed: 10 of 10
    Available App's 9 of 10

    Overall: 8.5 of 10
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