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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by northernmunky, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I'm planning to go to Taiwan at the end of May and I intend to buy a new Macbook Pro with Leopard but I hear it takes a longer time for Apple products to get released over there (despite the fact they are manufactured there!)

    At the moment I'm guaging the wait based on the US/UK release of the 8-core Mac Pros until they are released in Taiwan, which it still isnt (although they are available in HongKong and Singapore already).

    Anyone have experience of how long Taiwan usually has to wait until they release products, or shall I just take a quick trip to HongKong when the new pro's are out? :p
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    It'll be piss easy to get one in Hong Kong. The fact that they don't have an Apple Store in HK is amazing. If it's sold somewhere in the world, you can probably buy it in Hong Kong. I'd think that they'll open one there eventually.

    I've been to Taiwan once, and I didn't look for computer stuff. I don't know if they're slower at getting Apple stuff, but I think it's harder to find. They have so many companies selling laptops there that Apple is just one of a dozen companies.

    However, I believe there's a "stall" that sells Apple stuff right near Taipei Main Station. I believe it's inside a nice electronics market (no other way to describe it, really), and is beside a Takashimaya or Mitsukoshi department store (one of the Japanese ones.....there's only one there), and all they sell are electronics and such on the first 3 floors. I don't know what the place is called because there are lots of little stands that sell laptops and such. IBM has a station there, as does FlyBook and a few other really cool companies. On the 1st floor (aka: the ground/main floor since you're English), there is a small Apple section, if my memory serves me correctly. I went to Taipei 18 months ago.

    Um......if you have trouble finding the place, I've actually found you a map that I lifted off the Taipei YMCA website. :D I stayed there, and it was extremely extremely cheap for its location. Great place to stay. :) I think this electronics market is called "Ceaser" Park Taipei (on the map), but if I'm wrong, it'll be directly beside it.

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    Go to Hong Kong.
    A. The travel within Asia is cheap, and Hong Kong's a good place to visit anyway.
    B. Apple prices in Hong Kong are fixed and reliable and the dealers have a good reputation.

    Come here in the summer when it's hot and disgustingly humid and return with your nice MBP to a slightly cooler Taiwan.

    UPDATE: Look for the local dealer (Design Group) in IFC Mall in Central (Next to Dymocks and over Hong Kong MTR Station), 298 Hennessy Road in Wan Chai (Wan Chai MTR station, follow the signs for Hennessy Road and walk East until you see number 298 -- it's a complete maze inside, but great for bargains), 10-12 Floor in Windsor House in Causeway Bay (Huge Mac Centre)(signposted from Causeway Bay MTR station), or Golden Computer Centre in Sham Shui Po (again, signposted from the MTR).

    Note that buying additional RAM or Hard Disks will be very cheap here, so you can buy a stock MBP and upgrade it to 3 or 4GB much cheaper than from Apple. Most RAM places will let you test the RAM in your laptop when you buy it to make sure it works. Talk to the guys in the DG shop when you buy it -- they may know (or offer!) to upgrade the RAM cheaply.

    Hong Kong places can sometimes have a reputation for ripping you off, but I've been here for ten years now, and I've found that the big computer malls are pretty trustworthy. Just know about what you're buying, how much you should be paying for it, and you'll be ok. Walk around the mall first comparing prices to get an idea of what's what for RAM/Disks. Also, learn your numbers in Mandarin (although Cantonese would be better) and speak a little Chinese at people when you're bargaining. (You won't be able to bargain much for components - the margins are tiny and the shops just plain can't afford to give too much away. Don't use a credit card - the shops get charged 2.5% for that, and they'll pass that on to you.)

    Just don't buy any electronics in the tourist areas (Tsim Sha Tsui) and you'll be ok.
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    Wicked stuff! Thanks guys!! :)

    My other reasoning is that it much cheaper to buy them over there than it is here, so I guess its HongKong for me after checking the prices for an identical MacBook Pro 15"

    Hong Kong £1249
    Taiwan £1348
    UK: £1699!!!!!!
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    And don't forget that the current "rumor" is that you won't see Leopard until June. That is still "spring" until the 20th.

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