The Waiting Game - Mini hopes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CrashX, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. CrashX, Jan 4, 2015
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    CrashX macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2012
    Well, I'm STILL rolling with my iPhone 4. It does everything I need, and my cell phone bill is down to $45/mo through AT&T.

    Except I have a brand new rMBP and the 4 can't run the latest iOS - so it's just a phone that I can send and receive email on the go, text, Facebook, twitter - pretty much same deal as the newer phones that maybe do it "faster"?

    I'm hoping to free myself up this summer to finally take my grand road trip through the nation's National Parks. I started it 3 years ago and sadly sprained my ankle nearing the top of the Smokies.

    I have an HDR app that took some beautiful photos on my 4 - but for my next trip, I've sprung for an actual DSLR. Again, there's a prob with the 4, as the camera can send photos via NFC to the newer phones. I plan to "blog" my adventure and write it off as a business expense.

    It's just my own personal taste - but I just don't care for the newer giant iPhones. I'm a guy and I like to keep my phone in the pocket of my jeans.

    I have no idea what's in the works with the new iPhone minis - and I'm just HOPING they're NOT "gimped" versions of the iPhone. I want all of the functionality and processing power of whatever is latest and greatest - just in a size that, when protected in a bulky Defender case, still fits in my pocket.

    Also, this is just my opinion again (obviously) - but when I bought my iPhone 4, it was "revolutionary" - the retina display, etc.

    But I enjoyed Angry Birds - cute game - but since then, they keep bumping the power - and meh... I know Jony Ives basically creams himself over how "amazing" every new release is, but I watch the keynotes, try to get myself psyched - and I'm still like "meh..."

    I'll admit, the fingerprint thing seemed really cool - but that came with the new oversized phone.

    So just wondering what other people's wish lists might be for the iPhone mini, so maybe I can start to get "excited" about buying one.

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to stop being so negative and actually get excited about stuff that used to be exciting.

    Heck, maybe someone might even share what awesome stuff they can do on their iPhone that's better than mine?

    Seriously, I open the App Store - and NOTHING looks the least bit intriguing. Again, I'm really trying NOT to be negative - I enjoy getting excited about new toys. But it's seriously, to me, like they just keep getting more "powerful" - but that "power" is locked into a "toy" OS. My 4 can already do whatever cute photo manipulation, play Angry Birds, even access my server via SFTP in emergencies.

    I'd really like to look forward to the mini. So any news or even wish lists would be greatly appreciated.

    At the top of MY wish list would be that FINALLY they make an iPhone that doesn't require a thick Defender case to keep it from getting smashed if I go out partying, get tipsy, and accidentally drop it.

    Jony tends to get off on "thinner" all the time - it's thin enough. Make it a little less thin, make it so it can survive a drop, drop in a little more battery power.

    'Cuz newsflash, Jony - once I have to shove my sleek beautiful new iPhone into an OtterBox Defender required to PROTECT your ever-more-thin Phone - I LOSE the thin anyway.

    Okay, end rant. Thanks for any feedback or wish lists or anything that might make the future of iPhones seem more appealing.
  2. juanrp macrumors 6502a


    Jun 14, 2014
    I personally believe that you will be playing the crying game.
  3. bunnicula macrumors 68040


    Jul 23, 2008
  4. woodynorman macrumors 6502a

    Nov 26, 2011
    Buy a 5S. Small size. Takes great pics (better than the 6/6 plus, IMO). It will last you for a few years, just like your 4 did.
  5. CrashX, Jan 4, 2015
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    Apr 13, 2012
    Ouch... hate THAT ending :)

    Guess what? My credit card is thinner than the phone. I'm not so incredibly lazy that I can't fish it out of my wallet to pay for stuff. Typing 4 numbers into the phone isn't that horribly time-consuming.

    But hey, thanks for continually making it bigger and faster and thinner and amazing yourselves.

    Here's an idea - the PS4 and XBox One suck. Tons of money in video games. Lots of people with iPhones and iPads. HUGE market there.

    How about a gamepad "cradle" for the iPhone mini - then I'll buy an Apple TV and actually be AMAZED because I can play tons of awesome games on my HDTV, like COD:AW and just have open chat. Apple could easily instantly dominate the Video Game industry. No "subscription" model, cheaper games because of the massive base -


    I own the original iPad. Apple totally screwed me on it - it can only run some really old iOS.

    But then I run Splashtop Streamer - and it's as fast as my rMBP and can run VM's - and I can actually DO STUFF with a BT keyboard. Kuh-razy!

    Also, there's this CRAZY little box called RedBox. It's very close to my house. WHY is Apple charging 3+ times as much for movie rentals - am I THAT freakin' lazy?

    WHY are tablet sales dropping? Because they just keep getting faster and thinner - then a trip to the App Store every 6 months makes it abundantly apparent that devs have completely run out of stuff to create for the $600+ toy.

    So hey, at least make it a FUN toy.

    You said you'd never make a phablet, you caved - free up the iPad to run Mavericks already, take advantage of the power to make it feasible for game devs -

    Just do SOMETHING OTHER than say, "It's more powerful and thinner than ever before - but it's still a toy. Spend a couple hundred more and get a MacBook Air - cuz seriously, Jobs kicked the bucket and we've completely run out of ideas."

    Then again, Flappy Bird was the best-selling game until the developer pulled it. Fonzie jumped the shark right there, and it's continued to run downhill ever since.

    Thinner. Faster. Fingerprint Sensor. But look at what professional artists can accomplish with a fat nubby stylus if we pay them a ton of money to do it. AMAZING! No, we can't just BUY Wacom with chump change - fat nubby stylus onward!

    And have fun with Garage Band. There is absolutely NO WAY to plug your guitar in - so have fun with that? We can't offer any USB or thunderbolt cuz it might not be as incredibly amazingly THIN with all of the power to do stuff that can't be done because you should have just bought a MacBook Air you silly person.

    Ugh... rant. Crying Game indeed.


    Does it have the NFC to work with my DSLR?
  6. lordofthereef macrumors G5


    Nov 29, 2011
    Boston, MA
    While the newer phones do have NFC, it's locked to only Apple pay.

    But I'm sort of confused by this post. It honestly reads almost like a post attempting to point out all the ways you feels the newer phones are still not better than your current phone.

    If you think the 4 takes great pics, fine. If you're able to do everything you need to do on your 4, fine. So don't get a new phone. At the risk of sounding rude, I'm not going to sit here advertising for Apple and sell you a phone. Sounds like you are pretty strongly against buyig somethig new since you don't see the cost justifiable for what you get. There is nothing wrong with that.
  7. bunnicula macrumors 68040


    Jul 23, 2008
    Do you have an actual point?
  8. CrashX, Jan 4, 2015
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    CrashX thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2012
    Thanks for not attacking me. I really am horribly disappointed that the toys continually become more powerful - but that power doesn't seem to enable anything groundbreaking.

    I check MacRumors, always HOPING to read some exciting news. It's not MacRumors fault, obviously.

    But it seems to me that innovation has taken a back seat at Apple since they cashed in.

    That's why I was requesting a "wish list" or at least some impressive things that people enjoy with their iPhones that are faster and thinner than my 4.

    2014 sucked. Here's to hoping for an Awesome New Year, where Apple exploits the power of the latest chips.

    Seriously, how AWESOME would it be to get an iPhone Mini that you could click into a "controller" cradle, hook up to your Apple TV - again, they could easily just instantly dominate the Video Game industry. Android can't do it because it's not proprietary and open to too many various devices.

    I just want something COOL - or hopes of something COOL - I'd like to froth at the mouth in anticipation of the latest, coolest, ground-breaking gadget from Apple.

    And I'm totally bummed about the NFC. I guess for my trip I'll have to get an Android phone? That seems really not cool. I'm certain the gurus here know WHY it's set up that way - but I'd prefer the option to turn off ApplePay - again, my credit card is thinner and it's a novelty gag more than anything else - and use it with my camera. That's really a bummer. I haven't bought any computer tech non-Apple in over 20 years. Seriously HUGE disappointment with that news.

    Thanks again for not attacking me. I honestly wish to be excited - but thinner, faster, now-it's-a-phablet nonsense is just upsetting.

    From what I've read the "A9" is supposedly REALLY fast - does anyone know if it's faster than the processors built into the PS4 and XBox One? You'd think so.

    And sorry for harping on gaming - but Apple recently seems to be all about the Benjamin - so that's a huge cash-cow for them.

    USE THE FORCE!!!!!!! :)

    Thin it is. Amazing it is? Larger it is. Boring it is :(


    Yes - what cool stuff is anticipated with the A9 - and what cool things do y'all do with your post-4's that hopefully change my mind that Apple is focusing too much on gimmicky tech rather than fully exploiting the power of the devices?

    I truly wish to be excited and looking forward to the next big thing.

    I got some Christmas money and I almost bought an iPad Air 2 - but I'm SO hoping that the next version MIGHT run Mavericks also. Apple said "No Phablet!" - but they released one anyway.

    I just wish to be excited about my favorite tech company, Apple - and lately I've started to think they're just comfortable with their awesome profits, so screw the innovation.

    I'm in the minority obviously. They're making tons of money - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But I do think it's broken.

    I genuinely wish to be excited.
  9. bunnicula macrumors 68040


    Jul 23, 2008
    Well, I upgrade yearly. I'm used to largely incremental innovations. I welcomed the 6 plus. The 5s I had last year seems tiny to me now. The 6 plus is much easier to read and I appreciate the additional screen real estate.

    I also love the image stabilization on the 6 plus camera. Very nice.

    Apple Pay still needs some time to be more widely adopted, but when I have used it, it was smooth as silk.

    Fingerprint ID feels like it has improved over the past year, so I like it better now. No option for me to use a simple passcode. My company requires a minimum of 6 digits, alphanumeric. So, I appreciate fingerprint unlock.

    I'd like the RAM doubled. That's pretty much all I want out of the S cycle next year.
  10. CrashX, Jan 4, 2015
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    Apr 13, 2012
    Well, I just got a DSLR for Christmas. I was impressed with the latest iPhone's camera, and the new 360 panoramic shots on the iPhone certainly sounded impressive. But now I have the DSLR.

    So far, I've missed out on Siri, Air Drop, and a few other features. But honestly, most of that seems more suited to an iPad Air than a phone.

    I feel like my cash is burning through my wallet, so I came very close to getting the iPad Air 2. But then I visited the App store - and, for my use, it still can't run MAMP.

    I bought my Mom the iPad 2 - I'd tried for years to get her to use a computer - and she became absolutely hooked on it. It was also very nice to speak with her through FaceTime. So that was a wonderful investment. As she had always had trouble with the onscreen keyboard, I got her a KeyFolio - it still hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully that will enhance her experience. She recently started a WordPress blog (all on her own, amazingly enough) - but she found typing for long periods on the pop-up keyboard cumbersome.

    You may be right that I should just go with something like AT&T's Next plan - that way I won't continually put off upgrading. The "problem" with MacRumors is that I have hopeful anticipation that the next, larger iPad MIGHT run Mavericks. Or at least an Apache server, or perhaps integrate a touch-sensitive stylus like the Wacom tablets.

    Anyway, I think I would enjoy an iPad Air 2. With Splashtop Streamer, my original iPad has very low resolution, so I've become "spoiled" with my retina display.

    So, if I bought an iPad Air 2, then tried to sell it on eBay - because I definitely wish to have the larger screen real estate of the next larger iPad - does anyone know how much I'd expect to "lose" trying to sell it?

    Because I don't incrementally purchase new tech, I keep "waiting" for Apple to just "blow the doors off" with some amazing new innovation.

    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next "giant" iPad at least opens things up a bit so I can get some REAL work done. But that requires access to folders, etc. - which apparently runs against Apple's "law" of the iPad.

    If anyone knows enough that they might relate that there is just NO WAY the next iPad might actually allow the device to be used in any manner other than as a "toy" - I may just be "on hold" for the new 12-inch retina.

    But I truly don't understand why the iPads and iPhones continually get faster processors - but appear to be basically limited to "toys". Again, I don't even understand the inclusion of GarageBand, given there's absolutely no way to hook up M-Audio or anything else to make recordings.

    Thanks for everyone's patience. Definitely not bashing Apple - just seem to have been waiting forever for explosive innovation.

    I was extremely excited and enjoyed the heck out of my iPhone 4 - my first iPhone - and I'm loving my rMBP. I normally need glasses, but the display is so sharp, I can just work on it without any eye strain.

    Apple has continually proven that they can innovate and blow my doors off - but I still have my 4, was upset with the 5 because it got "bigger" (again, with the defender case, the 4 is a pocketful). So I was delighted to hear about the mini - it's a Phone, and I can just "hotspot" in my computer if I need a larger screen. I'm glad you enjoy your Plus - but there's just no way that thing is fitting in my pocket.

    But since I'm not currently on an incremental upgrade plan, I am looking forward to whatever news and rumors I can get on the mini and the new, larger A9 tablet.

    However, if it remains a "toy", then at least there's the 12" retina that HOPEFULLY might come out in first quarter of this year. Keep my fingers crossed :)
  11. MH01 Suspended


    Feb 11, 2008
    Keep your phone, it does everything you need. Things like NFC will not work with Apple anyway, as someone stated its limited to Apple pay, which is a waste.

    And as others have stated, the 5S is a very good option, I doubt you will like where the future is heading.....
  12. se95dah macrumors member


    Dec 30, 2014
    OP, you're talking about the iPhone mini as though it is a confirmed future product launch to be anticipated. It's not - it's just pure speculation by the uninformed masses. Personally (and this is just speculation too of course) I would bet my house that there will not be an A9-powered phone with a display smaller than 4.7". I expect to see iPhone 6S models with the same dimensions as the 6, with the 6 and 6+ kept around for another year at a discount and an 8gb version of the 5s bottoming out the line for free on contract.
  13. T5BRICK macrumors G3


    Aug 3, 2006
    Apple is going to build what the market wants and it appears that the market wants phones with big screens.
  14. Defender2010 macrumors 68030


    Jun 6, 2010
  15. CrashX, Jan 5, 2015
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    CrashX thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2012

    Well is there such a thing as an old-fashioned flip phone that can check email?

    I'm paying $45/mo for 200MB of "data". I'm kinda getting tired of being raped by the phone companies over this over-priced data crap, and I've had enough Angry Birds.

    The market also wants manufactured pop music and no jobs for college grads and pretty much anything else that REALLY sucks.

    Meanwhile, if you happen to drop your iPhone, the screen still shatters. But hey, it just keeps getting THINNER and MORE POWERFUL!

    They better damn well release a "mini" - people are morons. I own a Kindle Paperwhite, which is bigger than the 6+ - wtf are people wanting freaking iPads for phones? What exactly are they viewing on the bigger display that's still too small?

    But yeah, I'm seeing the damn things everywhere. So they're definitely popular.

    Ugh.. sorry, now I'm off on a rant. If they don't give me a mini that fits in my jeans pocket comfortably, I'm just gonna get some cheap phone and have Google text me alerts on emails.

    I never type responses on the stupid little keyboard anyway - I always wait 'til I get back to my rMBP to respond.

    Maybe the rumored 12" new Mac will have cellular built in. That way I can just hunt down the cheapest "data" plan and just transfer my number to Skype.

    Sorry, end rant.

    Apple was way more interesting before they became the all-powerful behemoth.

    Maybe someone can lighten me up a bit - tell me something cool they can do with their post iPhone 4 that's groundbreaking and awesome.

    I've owned Apples since the Apple /// - 2014 just sucked all-around anyway, tech included.

    I'm just holding out hope that 2015 will toss in some WOW factor. I'd really like to WANT something new and cool.

    And my apologies for being tedious. I may have come down with a bad case of Apple's innovation. Must be why I feel so "amazing" - and I have lost about 10 pounds.
  16. KdParker macrumors 601


    Oct 1, 2010
    get an apple watch...that should have a smail enough screen for you :)
  17. scaredpoet macrumors 604


    Apr 6, 2007
    If that's your perspective, then perhaps it's time you consider switching platforms.

    See, these two statements are contradictory. You've already made the decision that Apple doesn't innovate and sucks. yet you're asking people to tell you differently. Why should anyone waste the effort if you've already made up your mind?

    You don't need permission. Stick with your current phone. Or, go try out something non-Apple.



    We don't know what you consider "cool." I have to wonder if you even know, yourself.

    It's one thing to have specific requests, or specific reasons why you feel something isn't "innovative." It's another entirely to yawn at everything that comes out, expecting to be wowed or entertained by "innovative" things and yet not knowing what it is you want.


  18. CrashX thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2012
    Now that IS awesome. I so wanna be Dick Tracy :)

    But sad for me, it still requires a newer iPhone, and I need one that fits in my pocket inside the bulky Defender case.

    Anyway, I may sound negative - but I think I've tossed out some good ideas - my favorite being the iPhone mini that can run AAA titles like the current gen of consoles. Just click it into an Apple gamepad extension, turn on the Apple TV - that would be AWESOME.

    Can someone who knows someone at Apple toss that idea their way? They would make SO MUCH BANK with that.

    So yeah - PLEASE give us a high-powered mini, make it a little fatter to up the battery life - shaving pencils is so 2014 :)

    Then I can be all Dick Tracy with my Apple Watch, keep up with my New Year's resolution to get fit, actually use the voice recognition to keep a diary and schedule appointments and whatnot.

    That sounds awesome. But the whole iPhone mini as a AAA gaming device would rock my free world.

    I'm just glad 2014 is over. Bring it ON in 2015, Apple! You can DO it!!!!

    Stop just getting thinner and blow us away with some winners!
  19. CrashX, Jan 5, 2015
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    CrashX thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2012
    All of your Uhm... links ROCK! Sorry I'm so ignorant - I have the M-Audio for my Mac, had no idea they'd released one for the iPad. Sad it's unavailable - hope it hasn't been discontinued.

    And the game controller kicks ass! I was excited when Apple announced Metal and showed it off - but so far, I haven't heard of any AAA releases taking advantage of it.

    Do you happen to know if the next processor will be strong enough to handle at least PS3/360 graphics. I've seen some PS2 stuff in the App store, and I enjoyed playing a cool racing game I bought, actually "steering" with the accelerometer or gyro, whichever.

    Thanks for exposing my rampant ignorance.

    Do you happen to know if there's an app that recognizes the PS3 controller via bluetooth? But I still think it'd be cool if the Mini was "recessed" into the controller - kinda like the Wii U setup. Maybe Apple can just buy Nintendo :)

    I'm kinda scared to buy an iPad Air 2 right now with the rumors surrounding the next chip. Any idea what my "loss" would be if I sold it within a year when the next one comes out.

    And thanks. I'm really psyched about the iPad Pro, hopeful for the iPhone mini, and round that out with my Dick Tracy watch.

    Maybe 2015 will make up for 2014.

    Seriously, greatly appreciate your uhm... links - I had no clue about any of that.

    Also, I could just snag an iPad Air 2 and just give it to my Mom when the Pro comes out.

    Greatly appreciate you pointing out my ignorance - seriously, thanks!

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