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Discussion in 'macOS' started by mymacbolders, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Dec 31, 2008

    I'm hoping for some advice on how to optimize my G4. More specificly... I upgraded to 10.4.11 and have loved the new features (have had OS X for years though). Originally did a clean install. I didn't want any old files to bog down the larger system requirements. All was well. Fast and tidy. Until...

    I needed to use GoLive 4. (ominous sound: dun dun dunnn)

    Of course I needed classic support. After researching I found I needed to install OS 9 through 9.2.2 for optimum classic performance, as 10.4.11 doesn't come with classic at all.

    Done. (By the way a giant pain in the arss)

    Now to the question pending. Can I dump any files from these installs to lighten up the hard drive? Everything seems to work spiffy but if I can get more all the better. I have increased ram and two internal and two external HDs. Just want the lightest load on the main drive as possible as it has the smallest capacity.

    PS While I'm at it can I easily change the slave, which is larger, over to the primary? I thought about it and took it all apart only to find the pins on the back of each were different. One was missing (not broken) a pin so the configurations I assume are different for each dive to achieve slave/primary. I know this may be just researching those specifics but after physically switching them the operating systems will then be on the slave. Is it an issue?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Jul 17, 2002
    You appear to be thinking like a Windows user. MacOS X should have 10% of your hard drive available as free space. This will allow its virtual memory system to operate properly. I have no idea how much space your files occupy and you don't say. However, the more hard drive capacity, the better. I would recommend 40 GB as a minimum. As for RAM, 512 MB is adequate; 1 GB is ample; and 2 GB puts you into Heaven.

    If you have the requisite hard drive space and RAM, then you are fairly well set. My amply-endowed Classic environment occupies less than 350 MB. This is less than 1% if my recommended minimum hard drive space.
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    Aug 8, 2006
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    I'm not sure what the topic's "9lbs" is referring to, but like MisterMe says, Mac OS 9 was pretty dang small, not sure if it can be trimmed down much or if it would even be worth the effort to save such a tiny amount of space. If a hundred megabytes or less matters to you, then you probably need a bigger hard drive. :D

    Now as for why you needed to use GoLive 4 of all things, that's quite something else. :eek:
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    WAY back when......I actually used OS 9, I managed to get it trimmed down to 223mb. But that was a painstaking process of researching the functions & usefulness of all the extensions, control panels and other low-level bits & pieces of the OS.....and it is NOT something I would recommend to the casual user.......if you've got yours at 350mb, then I would leave it alone & be happy !

    A more prudent approach would be to lighten up the OS X install, since that is your primary OS & classic is run thru it.

    You can save mucho GB's of HD space just by eliminating unneeded printer drivers, language files, and applications. This is a fairly easy process in OS X.......drag & drop & empty da trash easy.......

    As to your slave drive question, it really makes no difference how your drives are set as long as only one is the master & the other is the slave. If you want to change which drive is used as the primary boot drive, you can do that very quickly in system preferences.......

    If you have stuff on 1 drive that you want on the other, just clone it using CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.

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