The Weirdest thing happened, please help me figure this out?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ceezy3000, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Jan 10, 2009
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    so heres what happend. my macbook has been acting strange. freezing and sound not working at times. system preferemces quitting etc. and i just got it back from its thrid repair. THREE REPAIRS IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS> so i was downloading a game for my psp when i went to go get a bagel in the kitchen. i left for no less than a minute and when i came back the screen was black. i thought it just dimmed itself but no. i moved the trackpad clicked on all buttons click the mouse button everything. i noticed the light wasnt throbbing so im sure it wasnt sleeping. the light was just pure white(the sleep light) so i waited like 3 minutes than shut it down. do u know whats happening. i know now i will be getting it replaced but until then im trying to keep it working well enough that i can watch a f***ing vid on youtube. i hate my mac.
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    Jan 17, 2008
    Take it back to Apple, but this time do not let them fix it. Tell someone high up (preferably a manager) that you have already had it repaired 3 times and that it is unacceptable for the amount that was paid for it. Request a replacement, simple as that. In fact, I believe I've read something that after 3 or so repairs you are well within your rights to ask for a replacement.

    Don't hate Macs just because this one is messing up, it has problems, it's not supposed to do that. Hopefully they replace it with a brand new, functioning unit :)

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