Theming not standardized.

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    I'm looking forward to the day when winterboard themes consistently load properly.

    I often find all but one or two icons change, either the Videos icon or Camera, sometimes even Maps!

    Loading a winterboard theme and having it look right typically involves SSHing (or use of iFile) to make corrections. It took considerable time and analysis to discover that some icons weren't changing because their file names were case sensitive. Icon-Camera@2x.png, for example, the "i" and the "c" were found in lower case, causing the default icons to load instead, until the case was corrected.

    Maybe its when a major update to iOS is installed that theming standards change, the use of folders and how things are named.

    Also, themes seem to cater more to the iPhone over the iPod Touch. Names of icons aren't the same between the two devices, so loading a theme will often leave your Music/iPod icon unchanged.

    I wish there was a place to look online that indexes identifiers, resources for developers and amateur themers. A place where one can go look up how a theme is SUPPOSED to be prepared, but also stays updated. It would be helpful in combating the lack of standardization.
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