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    Okay so I have been going to counselling for awhile to try and get rid of my anxiety problems.

    It has helped a little, but hasn't helped since the first month I've taken it, but the counsellor stated that if it stopped improving I should try and go to a therapist for cognative behavioral therapy.

    I told my mom this about 2 weeks ago, and have told her numerous times to.

    She is opening up a mediation firm and is extremely stressed with my older brother failing high school (I am too) so I don't think it would be wise to bother her, so is there anyway I can sign myself up? I think it would do me and my mother good.
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    Talking to someone helps man, i been there and done that. When i was seeing a counsiler i told her all the thinks that would stress me out - going out walking in a public place etc.

    So she set me a task she had me walk through a busy place in town. Even though i went with mum it helped as a confidence booster.

    But talking to someone didn't help me in the end and i had to start taking meds. Tell u what the smallest things that would cause me to become stressed has no effect on me any more

    I didn't want to take meds, wanted to talk to someone hopefully that may have sorted me but it didn't. You are in control of your life your destiny if your not satisfied with the help your getting go somewhere else
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    If you're under 18 then you will most likely need your parent's permission. Just do the leg work for her and locate a CBT therapist in your area. Then all you are asking her for is a good time to go. Once the first appointment is set and she has completed the proper paperwork then she won't have to come back that often if at all, depending on the therapist's treatment modality.

    Another option is to ask your current therapist to recommend a CBT therapist for you. I mean, it's already been mentioned, just ask who he/she recommends. Do you really think your mom won't listen to something that is recommended by your current counselor?

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