HomePod There should be a single button Touch ID remote accessory for HomePod

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  1. jjjjjooooo Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    Would enable secure profiles.

    Wouldn’t have to say “Hey Siri” over and over and over.

    I’m thinking a circle (ideally concave like the Siri button on the Apple TV remote) inside a squircle.
  2. jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
  3. Glmnet1 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2017
    I don't think another device is the best way to authenticate on a voice-controlled speaker.

    Maybe something like that could be done from an iPhone or Apple Watch, but have a separate device like you describe is pointless IMO.
  4. jjjjjooooo, Feb 13, 2018
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    jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    Have you used the Siri button on the Apple TV?

    It’s significantly lighter and therefore more comfortable to operate for longer periods of time than an iPhone and importantly doesn’t have its own screen—i.e. you’re not meant to look at it while using it. While Apple Watch would require using two hands.

    (Side note: controlling the Apple TV via the remote’s Siri button also more or less eliminates the problem of picking it up upside down or accidentally resting your thumb on the touch pad.)

    But the HomePod remote would also have the advantage of not needing to even take it out of your pocket to operate (because you’re talking to HomePod not the remote).

    I’m also not sure how secure the profiles on Alexa or Google Assistant actually are—or can be, but perhaps “Voice ID” will be (or they will introduce some new biometric).

    But even assuming it is sufficiently secure vis-à-vis Touch ID, then all that means is it wouldn’t need to include Touch ID, you would still benefit from not having to say “Hey Siri,” and it would be less expensive (presumably).

    But perhaps they will also be able to tell when you are talking to Siri or not in the foreseeable future, therefore allowing you to omit the phrase.

    But this would just be an optional accessory in the meantime, therefore could be a nice addition to the product.

    (There is also something I like about the idea of a single button design that isn’t also a mouse or attached to a phone.

    Could be a nice homage to the departed Home button and Macintosh 128k.)
  5. Glmnet1 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2017
    Sorry, I just don't see this being useful at all.

    I get the point of the siri remote even though I don't have one but it's an entirely different product that you use when you're in front of the TV where you can leave the remote.

    The HomePod is meant to be used with your voice from anywhere in the room or adjacent rooms. Carrying around an item all the time, or looking for it when you need it, is very counter productive.

    Voice ID would be nice one day, if it's secure enough, so we could ask Siri for sensitive commands such as requesting account balance or making a purchase. For now I don't see a Touch ID being very useful for a speaker.

    Let's wait to see what others think, maybe I'm too shortsighted ;)
  6. jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    But you wouldn’t have to carry it around if you didn’t want to. You could just leave it were you listen to your HomePod the most like you would an Apple TV (using “Hey Siri” for the times when you are away from this spot).

    If your HomePod is connected to your Apple TV, this could even be where you keep your Apple TV remote, or if a future HomePod update allows it to control Apple TVs, you could even put your Apple TV remote inside a drawer.

    You could even buy more than one and place them in various spots around the house.

    I suppose Apple may want to train its users to use “Hey Siri” instinctually.
  7. maflynn Moderator


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    May 3, 2009
    But you have to Alexia over and over for the Echo, I'm not seeing the benefit. I mean its a voice assistant, so you need to use your voice
  8. dwfaust macrumors 601


    Jul 3, 2011
    IMO, it makes no sense to have remote button for the HomePod.
  9. jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    But you do use your voice with the Siri button on the Apple TV Siri remote, you just don’t have to say “Hey Siri” before telling it what you want. Instead you press and hold a circular concave button.

    The benefit (if Amazon made one) would be not having to say “Alexa” over and over again.

    (Side note: I didn’t find the movie Her relatable.)

    Care to explain?
  10. dwfaust macrumors 601


    Jul 3, 2011
    It's not a "personal" device like a phone or watch... it's a home device, like Alexa and the others. Why would I want another item to keep track of just so I could use it (like I can today)... just call out "hey, schlomo ..." and let it do it's thing.

    On a side note, I wish I had the time to just dream up new ways for Apple to what it already does... but I have too much real work to keep me busy.
  11. jjjjjooooo, Feb 13, 2018
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    jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    Not sure I follow. People are saying they want profiles and personalized responses on all these home devices.

    And, again, it would just be an add-on, you would’t have to get one, just like you don’t have to buy a case for your iPhone or an Apple TV gaming controller.
  12. dwfaust macrumors 601


    Jul 3, 2011
    So, everyone who wants their own profile on the HomePod would need their own "remote"? No thanks.

    The title "There should be..." makes it sound like you think Apple screwed up by not providing the remote...
  13. chabig macrumors 603

    Sep 6, 2002
    I already have an Apple Watch that’s with me most of the time. There is no need to carry around a separate “button” device (or worse, one for each HomePod). I won’t be surprised if someday you can ask your watch to, “Play Depeche Mode on my HomePod.”
  14. jjjjjooooo, Feb 13, 2018
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    jjjjjooooo thread starter Suspended

    Sep 15, 2017
    No, “people are saying they want profiles...” was in reply to you saying HomePod wasn’t a “personal” device.

    Maybe by “personal” you just meant “used by one person,” but I would contrast that with “shared,” rather than “home.” And so I wasn’t sure I followed the implications of what being a “home” device meant.

    And, no, Apple can enable “Voice ID” profiles if they want to, whether they’re “secure” or not. The Touch ID part of the idea was only if they are not.

    But, again, I would also like to not have to say “Hey Siri” over and over.

    If so, that was not intended.

    I was thinking about this too, and they could let you smartly default to HomePod’s Siri when you press and hold the crown within a certain range.

    But not everyone wants to wear an Apple Watch at home and raising your wrist and reaching for the crown with your other hand is not quite the same as, say, discreetly pressing the button on a keychain sized squircle in your pocket.

    But then “on my HomePod” is replacing “Hey Siri.”
  15. jclardy macrumors 68040


    Oct 6, 2008
    Voice ID plus a device on the network would be secure enough for most people. Maybe even make it require them to be in Bluetooth range.

    So basically you speak your request, Siri estimates who you are based on how you said “hey Siri” and then it authenticates it if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch nearby/connected to Wifi (automatically.)
  16. TrueBlou macrumors 68040


    Sep 16, 2014
    I get where you’re coming from (I think.) but all you’re really eliminating are two words, you’d still be speaking to it. Eventually we’ll probably get the facility to route requests from our Apple Watches and so on, which will effectively be the button you ask for, just hold the crown and speak (if you don’t want to say hey Siri)

    What will be better is when they finally have the HomePod recognising different voices. That would allow for different profiles and eliminate the, anyone can read (hear?) your messages and so on. Siri is capable of it so I don’t see why they won’t bring it to HomePod.
  17. Glmnet1 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2017
    Or Siri could become smart enough to know when it could be helpful without saying "Hey Siri". So if you just say "How long does it take to get there" or "Play country music" it'd assume you're speaking to it because it can comply. If you say "Can you pass me the salt?" or "How was your day?" it'd know not to answer. It would ruin a few trivia games though...

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