There won't be iPad 3 this year.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by samiznaetekto, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. samiznaetekto macrumors 65816

    Dec 26, 2009
    "2011 will be the year of iPad 2." Straight from the horse's mouth.

    ...and 2012 will be the year of...
  2. jbh142 macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2011
    I don't think there is a need for a Ipad 3 this year..

    There is a slight chance the Quad Core version of Nvidia Tegra 3 will be out around Sept and might steal some thunder but that could slip into 2012.. I think Nvidia has alreadt tapped out the Tegra 3 though and might push for a big Christmas season.. They are wanting a new version of Tegra every 6-8 months so by the time the Ipad 3 comes out in March they might be release Tegra 4.

    By then Honeycombs Apps store will have thousand of apps in the Android store..

    So if all falls just right for Nvidia this year they will gain some ground on the Ipad and kick some butt.
  3. jmpnop macrumors 6502a


    Aug 8, 2010
    iPad 2 is pretty good and I don't see the need for a revision this year. 2012 will be a great year for iPad and MacBook Pro. They'll bring huge updates like 1GB RAM, better resolution (not necessarily 300+ ppi), 1.2-1.4GHz A5, dual-core GPU and probably better cameras..
  4. EssentialParado macrumors 65816

    Feb 17, 2005
    Mm... Repeating that point in the presentation was a very indirect, and yet clear, debunk to the rumors of another new iPad this year. Nicely done, too.
  5. Florida Gator macrumors regular

    Feb 26, 2004
    Let's just say they are going to release an iPad 3 this fall, and the rumors that are out are correct and Apple is aware of this. What do you expect them to say? If there really, really, wasn't going to be another model this year, they'd address it specifically and say there wasn't.

    By making this vague comment, they give some reassurance to those like yourself who are worried another one will be out in 6 months. But it still leaves wiggle room, "We didn't say it wouldn't be the year if iPad 3 either."
  6. powerbook911 macrumors 68040


    Mar 15, 2005
    The fall could see something like and iPad 2S, iPad 2X, iPad 2 Retina, etc.

    No, Apple was *NEVER* going to throw out iPad 2 in just a handful of months.

    However, you might never count them out for releasing a premium iPad 2 for the holidays and to get themselves on a fall release schedule for next year.
  7. tokyotribe macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2010
    I reckon Apple might still release a new iPad later this year, and still consistently say to themselves that what they meant was "2011 is the year of the iPad too (just like 2010 was)" or "2011 is the (year of the iPad) 2, i.e. the second year of the iPad".

    Sneaky buggers!
  8. Rodvette macrumors regular

    Jan 15, 2011
    I'm curious what striked up the the though of an Ipad 3 this year? Why would they refresh something after 6 months when it has been in their custom to do yearly refreshes?

    I am curious as to what got people thinking this.
  9. Icaras macrumors 603


    Mar 18, 2008
    California, United States
    Yea, good call OP. That's not even reading between the lines either. That's pretty down right blunt.

    I also never for a second believed in an iPad 3 this year. It's just not Apple's style.
  10. biw999 macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Right and there wouldn't be any backlash for that? Until Apple proves me otherwise, I'm going to believe that Steve Jobs didn't deliberately verbally bait millions of loyal Apple customers into thinking that the iPad 2 would be the only iPad released this year. He knows what he said and how people would take it.

    I'm not a sheep, I don't blindly follow or believe things but, since day one I thought these 2011 iPad 3 rumors were completely bogus and nonsensical.
  11. glitch44 macrumors 65816

    Feb 28, 2006
    It started around the time of the retina display stuff. After first there was going to be new display for iPad 2, then the rumor was no new display for 2 but it would be in 3. Then people started speculating when that would actually be. I'm not sure, but I believe Gruber may have started the "maybe 3 will be this Fall" stuff and people ran with it even though it's obviously nonsense. You don't ramp up production on a device, sell a couple million, then dump it six months later. Not when Apple sold 15 million iPads last year and there's no real competition from other tablets.
  12. chubbya macrumors newbie


    Oct 12, 2009
    I've seen this point made over and over again on the forums.. But what would you expect them to say? We will have a new and improved model out in 6 or 8 months? They are trying to sell the iPad 2 at this moment so of course they are going to push the current model. I would say this doesn't kill the rumor that there may be a newer version before the holidays.. Plus who knows maybe the new version will be the Ipad 2 HD (Retina Display?). Still fts in to "2011 will be the year of iPad 2".
  13. biw999 macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    But saying that at all would open him and Apple up for a lot of ridicule. I would think he would be smart enough to not address or even mention it at all.
  14. Bye Bye Baby macrumors 65816

    Bye Bye Baby

    Sep 15, 2004
    i(am in the)cloud
    Not true at all. We could see an iPad HD or something similar. After all, all that is really missing from the iPad 2 is a retina type display.

    Just as the iPod had multiple versions, I could see the iPad developing the same way.
  15. admanimal macrumors 68040

    Apr 22, 2005
    It's not like the only alternative to saying "2011 will be the year of iPad 2" is "We're releasing an even better version in September." He could have used some other superlative statement that didn't make it sound very much like the iPad 2 will be the only new iPad in 2011.
  16. eastercat macrumors 68040


    Mar 3, 2008
    For the people who believe that Apple is releasing another iteration of ipad later this year, I have two questions for you: what drugs are you taking and are you planning on sharing some of this with the rest of us? :p
  17. chubbya macrumors newbie


    Oct 12, 2009
    Another thought.. I will try my best to explain, please try to follow my logic.

    I think iPad 2 was a good upgrade.. BUT not good enough to move the "majority" of the iPad 1 owners to upgrade. So.. iPad 2 is targeted at new users.

    If they released an iPad 3 (or iPad 2 HD or whatever) immediately then then maybe a "majority" of iPad 1 owners would upgrade flooding the second hand market and giving the new iPad users the ability to get their hands on iPads at a reduced price and without that income flowing directly back to Apple.

    In the current scenario.. Apple can snag a bunch of new customers with the iPad 2 and then target the newer model at the iPad 1 owners who didn't upgrade...
  18. biw999 macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Exactly. A retina display would be the biggest addition to the iPad. Early adopters of the iPad 2 (millions) would be pissed. I don't think Steve Jobs wants that.
  19. Surely Guest


    Oct 27, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    I agree.....there won't be an iPad 3 this year.

    However, don't be surprised to see a larger iPod touch introduced in the fall at the iPod event. Something larger than a touch, but smaller than an iPad.
  20. biw999 macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    I see your logic but, we could compare this release of the iPad 2 to that of the 3GS right? It was a "minor" upgrade in the sense that the 3G and 3GS look very similar aesthetically but, the 3GS has upgraded ram, processor, cameras, etc. Apple didn't release the iPhone 4 later that year to try to snatch up the 3G customers who weren't blown away by the 3GS. They followed their same yearly cycle.

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