There's....not.... an app for that. [eBay with push notifications?]

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by one1, Mar 2, 2013.

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    I admit I am completely spoiled by the integrations allowed by 10.8. My Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are all in my menu bar right beside my dropbox and several other items. All with push support and notifications to let me know I'm missing something I need to know. A simple swipe from the edge of my trackpad and I can tweet and post, see my notifications, everything. I love it.

    I can nearly do anything I want on my Macbook or iMac. I thought I was content with this awesomeness until a few minutes ago. My iMac is over on the desk, my Macbook is in my lap and I am using it here surfing MR. I hear my iPhone and iPad simultaneously alert me and I have neither here on me or by me. Both are in the other room. I am completely connected to my Apple world with everything running the latest 10.8.2 and IOS 6 so I am never unable to just look at my computer and figure out what my IOS devices are going on about since my iCal pushes my events and my Photostream pushes my images. My iCloud pushes my email, etc.........

    I could not figure out what the alert was on my iDevices from my MacBook. I get up, travel to the other room to find I have a message from a seller on ebay. I'm thinking OK, I'll just fix this by going to the Mac store and getting an eBay app. Search eBay............ NOTHING.

    There is no app in the Mac app store that will push ebay alerts or even function as an eBay app in any way. I am on a computer, I don't need a fully integrated ebay app. I just need the PUSH notifications from ebay like I get on the IOS app.

    It's all I need to be happy happy happy......... So does anyone have some ideas for me on getting ebay push notifications through 10.8 notifications?

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