Thermal Paste for new iPad heating

Discussion in 'iPad' started by stylinexpat, Mar 20, 2012.

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    I know in the past when people that were picky about their laptop heating issues people would buy Thermal Paste and reapply thermal paste to their CPU. I was wondering if the same would apply to the new iPad though this is not as easy to do as on a laptop. Not sure I would want to open my iPad up but it seems like there is no thermal paste on the new A5X processor inside the new iPad. I imagine that would take a lot of extra work for the thermal paste to be applied so they probably passed on that :confused:

    Thoughts from others here on this :confused:

    Maybe a little thermal paste on top of a few parts may help it run cooler :confused:



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    Thermal paste does not magically whisk heat away into another dimension. It simples promotes heat transfer.

    If you applied thermal paste to your iPad's A5X, it would likely get even hotter on the outside, because you'd be transferring heat more efficiently from the CPU to the case.

    People apply thermal paste to their Mac laptops because they convince themselves that the processor is getting too hot, not the case.

    People who worry about the temperature of either device are, of course, nuts.
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    The more powerful processor will generate more heat. No way around that. Like the other said, the case will just get hot. If you try to over insulate you run a risk of overheating and damaging the pad. Think how bad it would be to block the vents on your laptop.

    Only time thermal paste is really needed is if there's an overheating issue and it's worse for wear. The computer would trip and shut off to protect itself from overheating,
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    I'm assuming any sort of case or cover would make heat worse. One day they may need little mini fans on the inside of the iPads.
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    I doubt it, what case makers may do is produce a shell with a cutout there...I'm not having issues 5 days in and 2 cycles...heavy use, haven't even used my MBP or MBA since I got the newbie. So far so good.
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    If you read the ifixit tear down it states they use thermal paste and a thermal pad.
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