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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Cool6324, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    We’re looking for other moguls to join The Tech Mogul. If you’re knowledgeable in any of the following areas:

    Gaming (Xbox, PSP, PS3, Computer Games)
    Mac OS X
    C++, Java, Cocoa and other programming languages
    Cellular Technologies(CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA….)
    Technology related job searches.
    Money Management
    Business Management
    Computer Engineering
    …this list is not inclusive

    Drop us an email at thetechmogul [at] We would like people to write between 3 to 5 stories each week about what they think other rising tech moguls should know. Stories can be about current news or things that people haven’t heard about in years. If you think you can contribute something that is not in listed in the fields above still email us! In the title of the email please specify what you would like to contribute.

    If you haven't already, check out our site. In short, we want to create a site with loads of information to help other people become moguls in technology. We plan on doing this by teaching people the skills to engage more in technology.

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